March 7, 2019

Master Bathroom Refresh

It has been six years since I first shared our Master Bathroom project that launched this entire blogging journey for me. Six years!! I still love our bathroom and consider it a great investment into both our home and also as a private space away from the craziness that inhabits the rest of our house, full of teenagers and dogs.
Sherwin williams sea salt, carrera marble, arched mirror, behr opal silk
Quite suddenly, I decided that I needed a little more color in here. The walls are painted Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams and, other than a few accessories, that was it for the color in here. Six years ago, I wanted a mostly white, serene and spa-like feel, which I loved and enjoyed - and staunchly defended to many critics. But now I am in a season of life that just seems to NEED more color. Perhaps a mid-life home decor crisis? I mean, I am in my mid-40s - seems to have arrived right on time. Yikes, is my blue green vanity actually the equivalant of a middle aged guy's red corvette?? Side note, have you read Brene Brown's essay on midlife? Powerful and thought provoking, just like all of her other work.
Sherwin williams sea salt, carrera marble, arched mirror, behr opal silk -
Back to the bathroom, I hemmed and hawed for months about what color to paint the vanity. My first thought was grey, but that felt too neutral. Too safe. I started thinking about the colors of sea glass and how calming they are. I already had the Sea Salt paint on the walls, so what could I add to that? Many paint swatches later, I ended up choosing "Opal Silk" by Behr and with every stroke of the paint brush, I told myself I could always go back to white or grey. The vanity needed a fresh coat of paint anyway, right? That's how afraid I was to add color in here.
built-ins in master bathroom
Here's the thing with adding color - once you start, the whole room's personality seems to come to life. I made a few changes to the accessories in the built-ins. Then, I found the rug at HomeGoods after I had painted the vanity and wasn't quite sure if the new vanity color went well enough with the paint color on the walls. It felt serendipitous how the addition of the rug brought all the colors together.
So, six years later, besides adding color, what else would I change about this bathroom? Not much. I think a lot of the design choices in here will stand the test of time. I love the marble countertop (I lamented so greatly over that choice and it has held up remarkably well), the faucet choices and especially the built-ins. I am so glad we put the extra effort into that added charm.
And what would I change? The tub is acrylic and was a budget friendly option, but if I had to do it over again, I would have opted for cast iron. I am a devoted bath-taker and the acrylic definitely has a cheaper, less sturdy feel and doesn't hold heat as well as cast iron. I would prefer a higher end shower at this point, but all in all, I still feel satisfied with how far we spread our $7,000 investment in here.
Whenever I catch a peak of the vanity from our bedroom, it makes me smile. I feel like it has breathed new life into one of my very favorite spots in my home.

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  1. Courtney, it's beautiful! Just when I thought your bathroom couldn't get any prettier, you worked your magic on it again! I love the sea glass vibe in the room and that rug is just perfect! Love, love, love it all!

  2. I absolutely love it all. I'm pretty positive I could be quite happy living in your bathroom. Great job as always!! Spring is almost here, yay!!

  3. Courtney I love your beautiful bathroom too. It is like walking into a private Spa. Love the soft colors pared with some bold red. Just gorgeous. I think I would never leave the bathroom!

  4. Oh my goodness.... Its just gorgeous !!! Absolutely a great idea to paint the vanity !!! .... the whole bathroom is timeless... classic... you could show us this bathroom again in another 6 years and it would still be perfect !!!! Love the rugs with just a bit of bright color as well !!!

  5. Do you remember that's when I found you....I had a vision in my head of how I wanted my master bath to be, and was trying to convey my vision to my contractor. I started searching online and found your bathroom, which was nearly identical to the vision I had in my head!!! I printed a picture of it and posted it in the construction zone and once the team saw it they totally got what I was trying to do!!! I love the addition of the aqua, it's perfect in there! Love, love, love your house! xo

    1. ps....I still have that printed picture, it's in the file with all the receipts from the renovation! :)

  6. The new vanity color is fabulous and that rug is stunning. I adore it all.

  7. I have Sea Salt in my bedroom and the top of the wainscot in the bathroom. I've never tired of this color and will most probably use it when I move to my beach house in 2 years!!

  8. OH so beautiful, Courtney! The colors you have chosen seem just right!!

  9. That vanity is gorgeous with that color on it! The bathroom was beautiful before, this is just like icing on the cake. :) I'll have to go back and read about your remodel but would like to know what size your bathroom is. We'll be doing ours in the next couple of years and yours is perfect!

    1. And, boom! Right there in the first bit of the post is the bathroom size. Thank you for including that information!

  10. Can you share the dimensions of the bathroom space? Beautiful!

    1. Found it in your old post! 11x8 but what about your shower size?

  11. What make is the rug? I would like to find something similar. I know you said it was from Homegoods but is there a brand noted on the back of it? Beautiful job!! Thank you!

  12. I love the ocean glass vibe in the room and that mat is simply great. I had a dream in my mind of how I needed my lord shower to be, and was attempting to pass on my vision to my temporary worker. I began looking through on the web and found your restroom, which was about indistinguishable from the vision I had in my mind. Non Slip Bath Mat For Elderly


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