Hi!  My name is Courtney and I am so glad you stopped by my blog today.
I love sharing ideas to help make your home a beautiful place without breaking the bank.  My husband, Billy, and I are avid DIYers who have renovated three homes in the NJ suburbs of NYC.  We are definitely not professionals, but we love the challenge (and satisfaction) of figuring out how to do things ourselves.     We have learned so much from reading other blogs.  Our hope is that with this blog, we can help you make your home a place that they can be proud of, affordably.  We welcome you to follow along with our many projects and adventures!
More about us:
I am a mom to three boys, ages 10, 14, and 17.  We also have 2 spoiled golden retrievers, named Keeper and Dax.  So we have learned a lot about what works home decor wise (and what doesn't!) in a house full of kids and dogs.  I am a certified elementary school teacher, but have been a stay at home mom since our first son was born (phew, those 17 years went fast!)   
Billy and I have been married 19 years.  For his "day" job, Billy is a police officer.  That means we live a crazy life of ever changing schedules and no two weeks look exactly the same for our family.  
He makes this all worthwhile.  And he helps me.  With everything.  We love spending time in the Adirondacks with our kids and dogs.  And working on our house together.  Check out some of our DIY projects here.  We always have one that we are working on.

Our Master Bath is our latest project and our most complicated one to date.  We are very proud of it!
When I started this blog, I had no idea how many opportunities it would bring into my life. I love the online community of talented people that I have become a part of.  Our home has appeared in Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Makeovers and This Old House magazine among others.  Please contact me if you think we can work together.

In my free time, I love to read, take pictures and hang out on the internet reading blogs and pinning 
ideas for our next project.  You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
Welcome to my blog.  I am so glad you're here.  


  1. I found your blog through a random pin on holiday home tours. I was immediately captivated by your homey style. I have three sons and our last dog was a Golden. Ironically, although I live in Texas, I'm visiting upstate New York today! Thanks for sharing your talents!

    1. Hi Lisa! So glad you found my blog since we definitely have a lot in common. Enjoy your visit in upstate NY!!

  2. Courtney -
    I just found your blog and I am so enjoying it. We also have three boys - and lived in Syracuse for seven years. We move into home #7 on Monday. Your home is beautiful.

  3. Courtney - I just started following you...your home is beautiful and I love your golden stories. I feel like your home style is very similar to mine!!!...only I always hesitate to go for it and 12 years later our house is still very plain...any advice on how to just go for it? Also, we have an 8 year old golden girl...debating getting another one so our kids will always have a golden under foot...advice on moving from 1 to 2? Or should we let our girl be an only dog so she gets all the love? And boy is she loved!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for following along. My advice in respect to "going for it" with your home decor is to fill your home with the things you love- that tell the story of your family. I am not afraid to put holes in walls to add pictures, because the holes can always be filled with spackle. I take risks and try things. You can always move things back or re-paint. Believe me, I have done that many times. As for my thoughts about 2 goldens, I LOVE having 2. There is definitely enough love for 2 in our family, and the dogs have each other. It isn't always perfect and there is definitely an adjustment when you bring a new dog into the family. But overall, I think goldens enjoy living with other dogs. I don't think I'll go back to just 1 for a long time. Just be prepared for double the dog hair!

    2. Thanks Courtney...how did you know that I sweat putting holes in the wall! You are so right and I'm going to push myself. As for the puppy - thinking in the next year, I'd like to build a "play pen" in the barn first so that way they can swim in the creek and live it up w/out muddying up the house!

  4. Hello Courtney, I found your blog by chance. I am happy that I did, your home and mine are very similar, multilevel house. I got interested by the style of your home and the picture of your dogs. We had to make a difficult decision yesterday morning with our beloved Daisy, cocker spaniel. She was part of our family for over 15 years and yesterday we had to had to put her to sleep, she was going to be 16 years in September. It has been very difficult and sad. Our boys are sad and my 2 year old girl asked me about Daisy this morning while we were having breakfast. It was nice to see the pictures of your doggies and how they are part of your family. Thanks for sharing your home, somehow brought a smile to my face.

  5. Hi Courtney! Your blog is so enjoyable and your home is lovely, tastefully decorated, with so many fine personal touches. I will keep looking! Have a great day.

  6. Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..



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