October 11, 2020

Fall at the Cabin

Fall foliage at cabin in the woods -\
The brightest spot of 2020 has been our rustic cabin in the woods. We spent a good part of the summer working on this little house, turning it more and more into our home away from home. Truth be told, this place feels even more like home than our home in NJ. We live with less here. There is just one small bathroom, no dishwasher or clothes washer, but the nature right outside the door makes up for all of that. And then some. 

October 7, 2020

Fall Kitchen Decor

Hello friends! I hope you are all keeping safe and well. We are plugging along here. September went much easier than expected and for that I am grateful. But, in regards to online/hybrid schooling, it seems to be catching up to my kids already. Especially our high schooler who has always had more difficulty with school and is on a hybrid schedule. We are constantly researching and debating options for him moving forward, while attempting to predict just when school might possibly return to a more normal schedule. It is exhausting. Our college kid is doing well in his classes but some days are more frustrating than others and there is the constant question of - how much is he actually learning in relation to how much college tuition costs? I know these are the same issues most families are dealing with on some level and there are no easy answers. Some days it is easier to accept that than others. 

Farmhouse style kitchen with Oval Room Blue by Farrow and Ball paint -