December 20, 2014

Master Bathroom Flowers

I don't do many sponsored posts, but when I saw the e-mail from the Bouqs, I couldn't pass up the offer for flowers!  We often send flowers to our family and friends and I was happy to have the opportunity to see for myself just what we would be sending them if we ordered from The Bouqs.  I was able to choose which $40 bouquet I wanted and I chose the Killer bouquet for a pop of color in my master bathroom.  I often keep fresh flowers in bright colors in our bathroom.  It livens up the whole room and adds so much freshness.

December 19, 2014

Stamped Shortbread Cookies

Stamped shortbread cookie
When I spotted a collection of cookie stamps on a table at my local HomeGoods, I knew that I had to try one.  Simple shortbread cookies are my favorite and I just love the way the stamp makes these look!  I purchased my stamp at the store, but I also checked out Amazon because I wanted to see what other varieties were available.  You can find the stamp here.  I used the recipe that came with the stamp and these were as delicious as they were adorable!

December 13, 2014

Our Chistmas Master Bathroom & Bedroom

The holidays are such a busy & rushed time.   I look forward to relaxing in a hot bath whenever I get the chance.  I enjoy adding some holiday color to our master bathroom at Christmas.  I love the pop of red against the soft green walls.

December 10, 2014

On My Mind This Holiday Season

Hello friends!  I thought I would start the week by taking a break from our Christmas home tour and take a minute to post a bit about the goings on around here.  I feel like I have been immersed in a whirlwind of decorating, picture taking and writing blog posts.  I don't enjoy getting caught up in the perfection of it all.  I have always enjoyed holiday decorating and love being able to share it, but it starts to feel a bit superficial.  And not at all what Christmas is really about.  The other evening, while I was photographing our living room tree at night, my youngest boy was practicing playing his saxophone in the room.  I was struggling to get that "perfect" glowing tree shot.  He kept standing in front of the trees, so I took one quick shot and got this.  I love it.  Sometimes, I put so much planning into getting the perfect picture.  But usually the best shots just seem to happen, don't they?  I need to remember that.

December 8, 2014

Christmas in our Living Room

Welcome to our living room, all decorated for the holidays.  This is the main living area in our split level home.  Because we removed a couple of walls, this space is also open to our kitchen.  We have a real tree up here this year and it smells so pine-y and fresh.  This room is casual and comfortable and full of some of our favorite Christmas things.  I hope you enjoy taking a peek!
Red and white Christmas living room with striped