October 25, 2014

Saturday Spotlight Feature and a New Chair

Hello and Happy Saturday!  We have had a busy week of painting (our family room wall unit) and planking (a wall in our family room).  We are right in the middle of the planking so that is what is on the agenda during our free time this weekend.  We also took a trip to Ikea for a few small items and ended up coming home with a chair!   The new Stocksund chair to be exact.
Ikea Stocksund chair with Ikea Hack Hemnes coffee table and striped drapes in living room-www.goldenboysandme.com
It wasn't a total impulse purchase because I have had my eye out for a more comfortable chair to replace the Ikea Jennylund chair that used to be here.  I love what the old chair looked like but it was uncomfortable to sit in for more than a few minutes.  This new chair is roomy (almost chair and a half size) and comfy.  I was able to choose which color legs I preferred and I went with the lighter birch color (the other choice was black).  I may end up painting the legs but I haven't decided yet.  My youngest fell asleep in it the first night proving it is perfect for us.
Ikea Stocksund chair-www.goldenboysandme.com
It is slipcovered in a great fabric that appears linen-ish but it is machine washable, which is a must for us in this house.  They also had a lighter gray and a darker gray option.  That is why I love buying at Ikea. When you enjoy changing things as often as I do, their slipcovers allow for that for not too much $$.
Ikea hack Hemnes coffee table with DIY planked top-www.goldenboysandme.com
 And the gray check Jennylund still has a place in the room.  Now we have a cozy seating area all around our hacked Hemnes coffee table. 
Ikea Stocksund, Hemnes and Jennylund in fall living room with striped drapes-www.goldenboysandme.com
 Also, today I am being featured over at Junk Chic Cottage.  I was so honored when the lovely Kris asked me to be a part of her series, Saturday Spotlight.  I have learned so much more about some of my favorite bloggers there!  Please stop over and check it out if you have time and want to learn a bit more about me and my life behind this blog :)  I would really appreciate it!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

October 24, 2014

Our "New" Wall Unit

Our family room can feel very dark.  It is the only room in our home that is built at grade level (on a cement slab with no basement underneath) and it can sometimes feel a bit like a basement, even though there are plenty of windows.  I knew that the dark leather furniture and dark wall unit weren't doing anything to lighten the space.  So we decided to paint the wall unit white. Painting accomplished just what we hoped.  It brightened the whole room.  
Painted white wall unit, entertainment center look-a-like to the Pottery Barn logan-www.goldenboysandme.com

October 22, 2014

Fall Porches

Hello friends!  Today I am sharing a few more pictures from Upstate NY in fall. 
First, we will start on the back porch.  We added a tree stump as a side table to the rocking chair.
  Fall porch with rocking chair and plaid blanket-www.goldenboysandme.com

October 20, 2014

Striped Drapes {and Lantern Light Fixture}

Striped drapes in Fall Living Room-www.goldenboysandme.com
Hello friends!  Recently, I have been getting lots of questions about the striped drapes in our living room so I thought I would talk a bit more about them today.  When I saw them in TJ Maxx, I thought they would be perfect for my youngest boy's room.  They cost just under $30 for the pair and I left the store a happy camper.  I have had my eye out for striped drapes for a while now.  They also had a pair that was khaki and white, but I liked the gray better for his room.  When I brought them home, I thought maybe I would try them out in the living room for a couple of weeks because I was craving some change in there.  Here they are in our summer living room.

October 17, 2014

Waxed Autumn Leaves

Fall Leaves dipped in wax to preserve them-www.goldenboysandme.com
I have been wanting to try dipping leaves in wax to preserve them for a couple of years but never quite got around to doing it.  When we were in Upstate NY last weekend, we finally did.  It was a fun and easy project!  First, we took a nice long walk to gather some pretty leaves.