June 30, 2016

Summer Family Room

Our family room is always my favorite space in our home because it is the most representative of all of our family's favorite activities and places. For our summer mantel, I created a sign using a poem I love about mountains by Tyler Knott Gregson.
I wanted the sign to look like it was typed on an old typewriter. I am a huge fan of Tyler's work and enjoy following him on Instagram, where he posts a poem everyday. I have also enjoyed his books. In addition to his love of nature and the mountains, he has 2 goldens named Calvin and Hobbes.
I shared our summer gallery wall last week month, where I also included how I made the flag sign. 
The wall below is adjacent to our planked galley wall. 
The oar is a new piece for our family room. I spotted it at HomeGoods and although the price was right, it had a more coastal feel than I was going for in here with the mint green and white.
I remedied that with some craft paint to add some colorful stripes inspired by Hudson Bay blankets that are such an iconic part of camp style.
Our newly planked accent wall ties everything together nicely.
I hope your summer is going well!

June 27, 2016

Checking In - Early Summer

Hello friends! My apologies for dropping off the face of the blogosphere without explanation but life has been full of family in all of the best ways. My oldest graduated from high school. Wow, I feel old.
I am sure every mom at this stage wonders just how those years passed by so quickly. I thought I was handling it all pretty well until I found myself driving along and crying to the Dixie Chicks song, "Godspeed". It was the line, "Superman's in pajamas on the couch" that really got to me. It seems like just yesterday that our little boy insisted on super hero pjs (with the velcro-ed cape) every night. We are excited to watch as our son takes the next steps into adulthood during his college years. He is extremely focused on a career as a firefighter or police officer (no surprise there, right?) and has already been preparing for those jobs by becoming both a volunteer firefighter and certified EMT in our community. He is both dedicated and persistent. We are proud.
Senior Awards Night
I have a few home decor posts written that I will be sharing and I will definitely check in from time to time, but I am planning to take a small break from blogging this summer and focusing on time with family. It has been just about a year since my mom had her stroke and she continues to do so very well and impresses us continuously with her determination. She is hoping to try stem cell therapy in the future and we are researching options for that. I am grateful for the love, support and knowledge that so many of you have shared with me. If anyone has any advice or experience with stem cell therapy, I would appreciate if you would e-mail me. Thank you! Last summer, we spent a good chunk of our time in hospitals and rehabs. This summer, she is planning a trip to visit us in Schroon Lake. I can't wait. What a difference a year can make!
Schroon Lake Hobie Cat Regatta 2016
We have already spent some time in the mountains. Hopefully, there will be a lot of days that start like the picture below. That's the giant inflatable that we use on our boat and we bungee it to the back of the jeep to get it to the dock.
Dax has already become quite the swimmer this summer.
This creek is still our favorite summer swimming spot. We have to hike in through the woods and we always end up scratched and full of bug bites, but it is worth it.
 I took the picture below of a merganser and her babies on the lake this past weekend. I actually had no idea what it was called but when I sent my sister-in-law this picture of what I referred to as a "cute mama duck with a mohawk", she told me that it is called a merganser.
It made me wish I could load all my babies onto my back and swim through life. Everyone safe and accounted for. But I guess before long her babies will be off on their own adventures too.

I hope your summer is off to a great start! I will be sharing pictures of our summer family room later this week.

May 27, 2016

Summer Gallery Wall with DIY Flag Sign

Happy Friday! Today marks the unofficial start to summer and it is also the fourth Friday of the month, which means I am joining some super talented bloggers for Farmhouse Friday. Please be sure to check out their posts which all include a patriotic how-to just in time for Memorial Day weekend.
Summer gallery wall with DIY American flag, plank shiplap wall and paint-by-number
I like to update the gallery wall in our family room with the seasons and I just finished adding some summer inspired touches. The focal point of our summer gallery wall this year is the DIY American flag I made with some scrap wood. I took the pictures but never actually got around to sharing how I made it. This flag is so versatile and always finds a spot in our home during the summer months.
Summer gallery wall with DIY American flag, plank shiplap wall and paint-by-number

May 22, 2016

Living with Kids & Pets? Here's Why You Need A Dyson Light Ball Vacuum (Review)

In our busy household with 2 hairy Golden Retrievers and 3 active boys, we need a tough vacuum that can withstand daily use. The amount of dog hair I vacuum up each day is insane. When Dyson contacted me about reviewing a new vacuum, the new Dyson Light Ball, I jumped at the opportunity. We have been using a Dyson vacuum in our home for just about 10 years now. I often get asked by readers what my floor cleaning routine is with big dogs and I always recommend getting a Dyson. I was excited to receive the new vacuum to compare it to our 10 year old vacuum.
Dyson Light Ball vacuum review with golden retriever puppy

May 20, 2016

Planking a Small Accent Wall

DIY planking added to a small accent wall - www.goldenboysandme.com
We recently added some wall planks with hooks to a small wall in our family room and I am loving the difference it has made. Sometimes, just a small accent wall can go a long way in bringing a room up to date. This part of our family room was feeling a bit tired and dated to me and I think this little area gives it just the freshening up it needed.
DIY planking added to a small accent wall - www.goldenboysandme.com