March 26, 2015

DIY Project: Industrial Stool Turned Side Table

Easy DIY industrial stool turned side
This corner of our living room is my favorite place to sit.  I keep my laptop and iPad charger just behind this oh-so-comfy Ikea chair along with whatever book I am currently reading.  I guess you could call this "my spot".  But I was missing a side table here.  A place to rest a cup of coffee and such.  I had my eye on a cute little industrial table from Target, but the online reviews were awful and when I went to see it in the store, I realized why.  The top was made very poorly.  So there in the furniture aisle at Target, I spied this industrial stool on sale for $50 and I knew that there was a $10 off coupon code for furniture online that week.  The stool looked just like the bottom of the table I liked and I knew that we could build a much better top, for much less than the $80 table I had come to look at.

March 20, 2015

Spring Living Room

gallery wall going up
Happy first day of spring!  We are expecting a few inches of snow this afternoon and they have already called for an early dismissal from school today.  So I am focusing on the inside of our house, where there are many signs of spring.  And hopefully any snow we get today we get today will melt tomorrow when some warmer temperatures return.

March 16, 2015

Spring Family Room

Family Room with leather sofa with
Welcome to our spring family room.  This is the lower level room in our split level home.  I made a few changes to lighten things up in our family room for spring.  I like this room to feel warm and homey whatever the season.  I added a quilt (from Marshalls last year) and some new throw pillows to the sofa.  Over on the mantel, I added a window pane mirror that I had in my basement and painted the letters to make up the word "bloom" with spring green craft paint.

March 14, 2015

A Day Trip

  We had our first 60 degree day this week.  After the cold winter we just had, 60 degrees felt like summer!  Seriously, we saw people in shorts and flip flops walking around with all the snow melting into huge puddles.  Billy happened to be off that day (there are some perks to his crazy schedule), so we took a ride to Putnam County in Upstate NY in our convertible.  We crossed over the Hudson River on the Bear Mountain Bridge, a picturesque bridge over a narrow portion of the river.  The day started out cloudy and cool and I was beginning to think they were wrong about the forecast.