March 29, 2019

Spring in Our Family & Mud Rooms

I went all out with Spring decor this year because I am just so ready for the warmer weather. I added a few things from my collection of Spring items to our mudroom for fun. It's been a few days since I took these pictures but it still looks pretty much like this - with the addition of a bunch of Spring sports items strewn everywhere. Moms, I know you can relate. This is a very busy season for kids as they finish up the school year!
Let's take a peak into our family room next.
I found the green "garden and company" sign that is the centerpiece of our Spring mantel at HomeGoods on clearance last summer. It hung under our covered patio all summer long and I thought it would be perfect to add a pop of green to our family room for Spring.
I had fun adding gardening items from my collection of stuff to round out the mantel decor.
My mom made the yellow and green stained glass lamp before her stroke, when she was still able to do stained glass, so it is a very special piece to me. I turn it on each morning when I come down to the family room.
And finally, our front entryway got a hit of color with the rug, a forsythia wreath and some greenery. Lots and lots of greenery!
Are you all decorated for Spring? We are enjoying some sporadic warm days and I am soaking it up for all it's worth until the warmer weather comes to stay.


  1. I am loving all these spring colors! Now I want to go out and buy a bunch of green things...Those green checks are all so pretty and I love the sleeping doggie in the one photo!
    Let's hope this weekend is nice and warm so the trees really start blooming. Of course, I am not happy that my son's allergies will kick in then. We were supposed to go to VT for one more ski weekend but we cancelled due to weather. It looks like they will be getting rain all weekend up there. Oh least it will be warm here! Enjoy your weekend, Courtney and thanks for all the spring inspiration!

  2. Awwww, your mom's lamp is so special!! Your home looks lovely as always, Courtney! I haven't really done any decorating for spring...just anxious to get out to the gardens and start cleaning them up for the season! Hopefully I'll get started tomorrow.

  3. I always look forward to your posts, Courtney...and you never disappoint!!!
    I also picked up that green watering from target dollar spot! I love yellow and green...especially for spring. Your home is so warm and welcoming.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This all so fresh for spring, Courtney! Love your garden sign and the lamp your mom made is a treasure!

  5. Just beautiful Courtney. That garden sign is fabulous.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. Nice to see how he positivity around a player who has brought joy to so many.

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