February 26, 2016

Ideas For Adding Vintage Charm In The Bathroom

Hello friends and Happy Friday, Farmhouse Friday that is!  It is the 4th Friday of the month which means I am teaming up with some of talented bloggers to share our ideas and love of farmhouse style.  Be sure to check out their inspiration at the end of this post.  Today's topic is "floral accents" and I have to admit that I don't have much floral anything in our home other than the fresh flowers I buy at Trader Joe's each week.  Living in a house full of boys, our master bathroom has been the one space in our home that I allow myself to make a bit more feminine and pretty (apologies to my husband, Billy!). This DIY bathroom is now 3 years old and I still love this room, but I thought it would be fun to make a few small changes.  Today I am going to share a bit about my crazy thought process and shopping habits when I set out to refresh a room.
DIY master bathroom built-ins with floral drawer liner to back shelves -

February 17, 2016

Comfort Works Custom Slipcover Review

I am so excited for today's post to share our new custom sofa cover from Comfort Works for our Ikea Ekeskog sofa in our family room!  Seriously, it feels like I have gotten a brand new sofa and it has changed the feel of the entire room.

February 12, 2016

Staying Organized & My Latest Shopping Trip to Ikea

Is it cold in your neck of the woods?  It sure is here in NJ and will remain so for the next few days.  I have been happily hibernating for much of this winter.  With the new puppy and projects keeping me busy at home, I haven't done much shopping.  But the other day the sun was shining and I hopped in my car and headed to Ikea.  The main item on my Ikea list was a new slipcover for the desk chair in our upstairs living room.

February 4, 2016

Keeping A Clean And Germ Free Home With Three Boys, Dogs & Clorox®

There's no doubt about it, with three boys and two dogs, life gets messy!  This time of year, I am especially focused on ways that I can keep my family healthy.  In our busy household, with three school-aged kids, it is easy for germs to spread.  Before you know it, the same cold and flu viruses can end up being shared throughout the whole family. We miss out on school, work and fun and nobody has time for that!  I appreciate that Clorox has a variety of products available that can help stop the spread of those sneaky viruses that we are all trying to avoid.

February 3, 2016

Winter Decor in our Living Room

Planked gallery wall ideas -
This winter, I decided to experiment with a bit of more neutral decor in our upstairs living room.  I love color and I will not be giving up using it in our home anytime soon, but I thought it might be refreshing to keep a little less color in here for the winter.  Nature definitely inspires my decor choices, so it feels fitting to have more grays and whites during the winter months when that is what the landscape outside our window looks like.
Neutral living room decor ideas -