March 26, 2019

A Quick Powder Room Update

We've been in our current home close to 12 years now and some of the projects we completed when we first moved here are already feeling a little dated. We have a small powder room just off of our (also small) mudroom that we decided to give a little bit of an update. This ends up being the bathroom that we use often along with our guests, so even though it's small, it is a well used space.
DIY Powder Room Makeover using FloorPop tiles -

It always feels a bit awkward to share a bathroom online, but this room is what it is - a very small powder room with just the minimum essentials - a sink and toilet. The change we made with the biggest impact was the floor. We covered the tile with this much more updated flooring from Floorpops that we bought on Amazon. These are just vinyl peel and stick tiles that we put right on top of the old ceramic tiles. It cost about $30 to do this room and gave the bathroom a whole new personality! Note, this is not a sponsored post - I just love the product. Here's a look at the new tiles being installed over the old ones. We removed the molding and gave it a fresh coat of white paint, as well as removing the vanity and toilet to give it all a good scrub and to make installing the floor tiles easier. We decided to keep the blue paint on the walls because it's still in good shape and we still like it. The whole project only took a few hours.
It's really difficult to photograph a bathroom of this size without the toilet taking center stage but I did my best.
DIY Powder Room Makeover using FloorPop tiles -
We added a combo of some new and old items to create a small gallery wall to dress up the space.
DIY Powder Room Makeover using FloorPop tiles -
We kept the old sink, mirror and cabinet because they are still in good shape and I think they still work in this space.
DIY Powder Room Makeover using FloorPop tiles -
DIY Powder Room Makeover using FloorPop tiles -
This is the perfect, affordable way to try out a small piece of a home decor trend with this fun floor without a long term commitment. I'm excited with the results and smile every time I open the door to this tiny room.

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