May 29, 2014

Master Bedroom Window Panels

When we finished the molding in our Master Bedroom, I loved the way it looked and didn't want to cover any of it with window panels.  We added some woven wood shades and have lived with it for about 6 months.  I loved the clean lines and uncluttered feel in the room.  However, with the warmer weather arriving, we decided that it was necessary to be able to block more light from the room.  Billy works rotating shifts so he needs to be able to control the light in here when he is sleeping during the day.  Here is the new look:
Lowes Tombolo window curtain panel in DIY master bedroom  -

May 23, 2014

Americana Family Room for Summer

Americana family room with diy wooden flag and stone
Are you excited for the start of Summer?  I sure I am and for me that translates into making some changes around the house.  I recently added a few touches of Americana style to our family room.  I just love the look of an American flag on a stone fireplace.  I was inspired to create one for ours after watching "American Dream Builders" a few weeks ago.  It was on the episode that they remodeled the cabins in Big Bear and all of the designers were all "we hate the woods" and I was thinking that all of the cabins were gorgeous.  I have to say that they did a great job.  Here's a picture of the cabin that inspired me.

May 19, 2014

Belated Blogiversary {First Year}

Hello there!  I apologize for the long break I have taken.  I have no great big reason...just life.  Spring break and family and house projects that I hope to share soon.  The days just keep chugging along and I haven't found myself taking the time to sit at the computer.

My anniversary of one year of blogging recently passed.  I did keep a personal blog for years, but no one really read it...not even my mom :).  Sharing our bathroom changed all of that last Spring and I am so grateful for all of you who have become frequent visitors around here.  At the request of one of my kids, I have removed a lot of the older, more personal posts from previous years.  I have come to learn that blogging is such a balance of finding what my whole family is comfortable with sharing.  I have been a blog reader for way longer than I have been a blog writer.  My absolute favorite bloggers are those who share their lives as well as posts about whatever their niche is (cooking, diy, fashion).  I am going to keep working at finding that balance.