September 9, 2018

Some Fall Inspiration

Have you already begun decorating for fall? We have been enjoying a crisp and cool weekend in the mountains, including a fire in the fireplace, and I am (finally) ready to get started when I get home. But I like to look back at some of my old pictures of both foliage and decor for inspiration first.
Nature is always my inspiration for all things so I can't imagine my fall decor not including at least a touch of orange, like this tree by the creek just down the road from our family's cabin in the mountains.

Looking at these pictures makes me a little sad that I painted our family room mantel white, but I knew when I did it that I would probably regret it most when fall rolled around. In any case, I still love our plaid chairs by the fireplace most at this time of year. Here's another fall mantel from many years ago. This was the first pallet sign that I made and I still usually find a place for it each year.
Last year, we visited Sleepy Hollow farm in Pomfret, Vermont just after peak foliage season and I am hoping to get there again this year before all of the leaves fall.
But when I look at the picture above, I realize that so much of that gorgeous fall color is repeated in my decor.
So far this year, I have switched over to warmer colors and I will begin to add more pumpkins and leaves as the season goes on.
I think that just a touch of color is enough is some spaces.
I don't like to add a ton of color in all areas of our home. Last year, I kept it simpler in our kitchen and I will probably do the same this year.
The picture below was from a couple of years back. Fingers crossed that we have a good year for leaf peeping in the Northeast this year. Last year wasn't great so by my calculations, we are due for a good year this year. :)
Have you started decorating your home for fall? Any big plans for the fall season?


  1. I love your decor and colors, they are definitely my favorites.

  2. Gorgeous inspiration! Your fall d├ęcor is perfect.

  3. You've given me a boost to start my decorating now. Everything is just soooo warm and cozy. Don't regret the mantle (it's twin is still here, lol) But, if you really don't like it, there's nothing that can't be undone, strip and stain it. I used to stay with things that I didn't love because I felt like I committed the time and energy, and now I just say, forget it. Do want makes you feel good, even if it is more work. Wishing you a lovely Fall season with your family. So happy to see you back blogging more again. All the best! Laura

  4. The colors of Fall are truly my colors. I have walls in my morning room and great room a deep russet color and think I will always love them. I am just about finished my Fall decor! It's my favorite season to decorate:) Thanks for the beautiful inspiration pics!

  5. Love your pictures - the outdoors is a beautiful place. I love bringing it in our home to enjoy & relax.

  6. Love your fall decor pics. Soooo pretty. I have started a few little fall decor but we are still in full summer mode. The temps are finally falling into the 70's here so fall is on our heels. I cannot wait for those crisp fall mornings and sweater weather. Happy New Week.

  7. I thought about starting this past weekend but was just too busy! I did swap in some warmer colors in the bedroom, in the form of a darker throw and pillow on the bed and a furry throw on the chair. I swapped out the runner on the dresser also - in spring/summer I use yellow and teal accents, but come fall I go back to deep grey and taupe. The living room will get the full on fall treatment when I get time....all the oranges, pumpkins, leaves, you name it! Love your house, it's so gorgeous.

  8. You have a wonderful knack for accessorizing. It's so nice to come to your blog and see pretty pictures of color and some stained wood! :) There's an over abundance of all white and gray out there.