June 13, 2014

Father's Day & Weekly Wrap Up

We are looking forward to Father's Day Weekend.  We have a BBQ planned for Sunday and hopefully the sun will return.  We've had a very cloudy, cool and rainy week here in NJ and we are so ready for summer to return.  The cool weather doesn't keep the kids or dogs out of the pool.  They played a lot of baseball in the pool this week.  

I shared this picture of Forrest diving into the pool on Instagram this week (please click here to follow along if you are on Instagram).  Forrest, who is 8, has the energy of a puppy when he gets near water.
Forrest also has a new favorite place to relax...right on the diving board.  He doesn't care if the kids want to use it. He likes it there :)
Last weekend, before the crappy weather rolled in, Billy and I went to the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY.  It was our second year attending and it was a fun, beautiful day.  We got to tour the Country Living House of the Year that will be in the next issue of the magazine and I came home with lots of ideas. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed in the house.  It was a smaller house at just 1500 square feet but it had a gorgeous wrap around porch and the floor plan flowed well.  There was a coral painted ceiling in the dining room and some funky tile for a backsplash in the kitchen.  Billy and I both love the idea of living in a smaller home (someday) and in the country so this home was right up our alley.  I loved how much charm they were able to add to a new home, giving it a great vintage feel.  We were told on the tour that the home was already sold to a couple from NYC who will use the house as their getaway.

I also came home with this new bag made from a vintage seed sack.  I think it will be perfect for Farmer's Market and trips to the boat and beach.  The print on the sack reminds me of the Adirondacks.
I also worked on a new gallery wall and home office space in our family room.  Matty tried the new antlers on for size before I hung them on the wall.
They were a perfect fit.  I will share more about that project very soon.  I also hung up our aqua colander from HomeGoods with a Command Adhesive hook.  I love when things are both functional and pretty.  Just a small thing, but it's been great not to have to dig out the colander to rinse off some fruit or drain pasta.

I want to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Billy, you deserve a restful day after all you do for us everyday all year long.  You are our family's provider, our protector and my best friend.  We love you and appreciate you more than words can say.  Thank you :)


  1. Your dogs are so adorable!!!! It looks like they love your pool as much as your children do! How fun. I can't wait to see the Country living house....too bad they wouldn't allow pictures. I am wondering where you found your small drying rack that you have your mugs on? I have a large one, but would really prefer one the size of yours....perfect for a counter top! Thanks for the post! really enjoyed it (PS.....I finally got the correct size of curtains from Target...copied you....thanks for the inspiration!)

    1. Thank you. Our dogs definitely have as much fun as our kids do, especially in the pool. The mug rack came from World Market and they call it a “wire 3-tier glass drying rack". Here’s a link to it:

      Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great post Courtney! That Forrest cracks me up - silly goldens...I am so disappointed I didn't make it to the Country Living Fair. It was our anniversary weekend and we had our son's birthday party so it was hard to get away. So glad you got to go and enjoy it. Enjoy celebrating Father's Day tomorrow!

    1. Thanks, Shelley! Those goldens sure are silly but they add so much fun to our lives. I hope you had a great anniversary/birthday weekend. And a great Father’s Day weekend as well!


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