November 14, 2019

Flea Market Decor Magazine and Christmas Planning

Hello friends! I've been fully immersed in decorating my home for Christmas for a couple of weeks now and I can't wait to begin sharing it! A highlight for me this past week was when Flea Market Decor magazine came out in print. It's available on newsstands and digitally now! Our Christmas home from last year is one of the homes featured inside.

Here's what the cover looks like. Loving all that color! That is Jen's Fresh Vintage on the cover and I have enjoyed following her on Instagram for quite a while now.  A few of my other favorites are in this issue too, including HomeSweetHome1930 and SLCook52 .
It was exciting to have them use my own pictures in this feature. Having a magazine come to your home full of kids and dogs can be extremely stressful (to say the least!). You can tell by all the snoozing dogs in these pictures that everyone is more relaxed when it is me taking the photos. I think it's more of an accurate portrayal of our home.
It's always a bit daunting to look at the last year's holiday pictures because I wonder if I can come up with something nearly as good. The doubts creep in and it almost becomes a competition with myself. I think pretty much anyone who is creative in any sort of way can relate to that! This is what my living room looks like with all the holiday decor bins strewn about. Not a pretty sight.
Last year I hung a vintage sled over our kitchen island and I couldn't decide whether to use it again or try to come up with something new. Spoiler alert: It's up there again this year but I've styled it totally differently and dare I say I love it more than last year!
I'm keeping lots of color throughout my home again this year. I use many of the same Christmas items from year to year because many of them are meaningful (and also who can afford all new decor each year?), but I do try to move them around my home so they are used in a different way. Many of the items seen in my living room last year are in my bedroom this year. Including the sleeping pup! :)
And then there is this picture of three wreaths in my kitchen windows on a December morning. It did so well on Instagram last year and already has been shared a crazy amount of times this year. What is it about this picture that makes it so relatable? Is it the simplicity of the wreaths? The early morning light? It definitely speaks to people and I am always trying to create images that resonate with a feeling in people more than those that say, look at my house. 

PS: This photo was taken with my iPhone. I take most of my pictures with a DSLR on a tripod and each pic takes some time. But this one? I came downstairs to the pretty light and grabbed my phone.
My family room was neutral last year but this year it will be full of color again.
There are a few new fun additions to my holiday decor this year. I am working with Balsam Hill as one of their 12 Bloggers of Christmas. I literally screamed when the email came inviting me to participate this year. A Balsam Hill tree has been on my wish list for quite some time. I chose a big wide tree to fill the space in front of the triple sliders in our family room.
I will be sharing that tree on Monday so I hope you'll stop by to see it! Have you been planning your holiday decor? I can't believe how early Instagram switched over to all Christmas all the time this year. Since I have began blogging, I have quietly worked on Christmas early because it's part of my work, keeping the craziness hidden from the rest of the world still enjoying the last of fall's beauty. But it seems like November 1 is fast becoming the date to switch to holiday decor and it's not without controversy! I have tried to hold on to fall a little longer this year, at least in the social media world. But I'm super excited to begin sharing this year's Christmas. Fingers crossed it doesn't disappoint!


  1. How exciting. Congratulations. I always enjoy your home, it is a favorite and so beautiful and welcoming.

  2. So exciting, Courtney! I am happy to hear you are bringing back the sled again this year. I know everyone loved seeing that - such a cute idea! I am glad you got to use your own pictures for the photo shoot. Your photography is always beautiful and I feel like you capture the feel of your home like no else can. Can't wait to see how you decorate this year. Now that the weather is cold, I feel like pulling out some of my Christmas decor a little earlier than usual. You have inspired me! Enjoy your day!
    Cheers! Shelley

    1. Thanks Shelley! I think that with the cold weather coming in so early this year, it’s putting us in a festive mood sooner. I must admit I keep thinking of how very long this winter will seem. Makes my day to hear I inspired you!! :)

  3. WOW. I love seeing your home and congrats. Can I asked about the green mug? I love buying mugs.

    1. Hi Betty,

      Thanks so much! That mug is a recent find from the Dollar Spot at Target. I keep reaching for it each morning because it is the perfect size - not too big or small.

      Hope you can find one!

  4. So wonderful, my friend! You're famous and I "know" you!!!

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  6. I will definitely pick up the magazine, Courtney. Congratulations!! So happy for you. I've been following you for years and I always love what you do. You are authentic and realistic....and ges, who can buy new decorations every year?? Stay warm

  7. Congrats sweet friend. So deserving of this spread. You never disappoint with your house or decorations. So beautiful. Enjoy getting all the decor up.

  8. Big grats having your beautiful home featured - what a thrill - can't even imagine how exciting that would've (and is) been for you!

    Your home is really taking shape for the new Christmas season. Yay! So festive and fun!!!!

  9. The pics of your home are totally inspiring me to start decorating right away! It looks so cozy and inviting. Well done.

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