July 19, 2019

Our Summer So Far

Hello! Oh my gosh, I have neglected this blog and I feel terrible about it. I don't even have a good excuse, other than, you know - LIFE. And Instagram, which I love, but will never completely replace blogging for me. This little blog is what started my home decor journey and I am not going to let it go. So, let's catch up a bit, shall we? Let's start where all things begin - in the home.

My latest love of adding color hasn't let up at all and I am forever adding more layers of texture, pattern and print. My favorite find at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY this year was the colorful quilt that is on the back of the sofa. It is vintage and was in a collection of old quilts marked for sale at $40 each. The colors called out to me immediately. It was in someone else's hands when I first spotted it, but when she put it down and walked away, I knew it had to come home with me. I think it's perfect for summer.
I added back the blue and white gingham curtain panels (from Christmas Tree Shops last year) and the striped slipcover on the Stocksund chair from Ikea.
We had a fun photo shoot in June with Cottages and Bungalows for their Spring 2020 issue so we still had our Spring decor up well until mid-June.
It's always fun to look back and see a different perspective of our home from a professional photographer so I'm excited to see how it turns out. We've been lucky enough to be in a few magazines (I'm super excited about a fall one that I will share soon!!) but this one was special because it was my styling. It can be difficult (for me) to have someone come into my home and move my things around, while also adding in some of their own. It's not so much that I'm a control freak  (those closest to me might not agree-  haha!) as that most of the items that I've collected in our home mean so much to me. So it was a relief not to have to deal with that this time around. Here's a few shots I quickly took with my phone that day. I like to document the days that our WHOLE house is actually clean! :)
I'll be sure to share when that magazine comes out. In the mean time, I have lots more to catch up on, both personal and home decor wise. I hope you'll stop back. And I hope that your summer is going well!!


  1. Wow, Courtney, what an honor!!!! Let us know when the issue comes out!! I adore your sweet home, I don't know how you ever leave it!

  2. I love the tour of your home. It looks so beautiful and inviting.

  3. Love your blog and your home.

  4. I think what draws me in to your home is your use of buffalo check, stripes and very pretty print fabrics. It creates such warm and inviting feel. Plus that fireplace in your family makes me swoon! Looking so forward to more posts !!

  5. So happy to see people putting more color in their houses again! I just never got into the grays and beige thing. Love your home and was wondering if you live in the country or suburb setting. Haven't had time to explore your whole blog yet but can't wait for that quiet time.

  6. Your home is so lovely, you are one of my favs!!

  7. I love the colors in your home!! And the quilts are to die for!! Thank you for sharing & congratulations for making the magazine!

  8. I absolutely love your use of color in your home! It's so refreshing compared to all the neutrals in bloggerland these days.


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