September 25, 2018

Fall Kitchen Decor

The cooler temperatures recently got me excited to add some fall touches to our kitchen. With the new paint color on the island, it changes the whole feel of the space and I was happy to add some oranges and rusts to the mix along with the copper pots.

We also refreshed our kitchen ceiling with a fresh coat of paint and took the pot rack down to give everything a good cleaning. I thought about leaving the pot rack down, and took a poll amongst my family, and everyone agreed the kitchen felt naked without it.
Our kitchen sink is still going strong with the newly added skirt. I love the charm it adds to the kitchen and am already planning a skirt for Christmas. 
I think the best part of fall is the way the light shining through the windows changes to a golden glow.  And the smells of good things in the oven, like roast chicken (Ina's recipe is the BEST!) and apple crisp.
Everything is still very green out our window but I am looking forward to the changing leaves in this view in a few weeks.
I kept things simple in the dining area.
Thanks for stopping by to take a peak at our fall kitchen.


  1. I am still amazed at what a difference the island redo made!! You must still be smiling every time you walk in the kitchen and see it! And I love all the copper. I just washed and shined up all of mine. Love my copper!
    Here’s to October!
    Chris. W. Tx

    1. Hi Chris. Yes, I am still amazed at the difference the new paint on the island made, especially when I take pictures of this room. I wish I had done it sooner. I love warmth the copper brings too. Happy October!

  2. So cozy! Love when you post... you inspire me!

  3. Courtney, your home is oozing in love and cozy Fall loveliness! As usual it is just perfect and speaks volumes of how much you care for your home and family!

  4. Gorgeous!! Love the island !! OH... and the sink !!! Perfect !!

  5. I always love the simple changes you make, Courtney. SO warm and cozy!! I love the new island color.

  6. I love your kitchen and the new paint on the island looks amazing! Love the skirted sink.

  7. Oh this is so lovely, Courtney! The colors are perfect together, and the copper is wonderful! Loving the new skirt and I just noticed your pretty over sink light, too! I could stay in your kitchen all day!

  8. Love that island and the whole look of your kitchen. No matter what you do, it gets prettier all the time!


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