August 12, 2018

Summer Family Room

Today, I thought I would share of few pictures of our summer family room. You know, just in time for the end of summer. I always come back to an outdoors/mountains theme in here because that is what reflects what we enjoy doing during the summer. Our DIY wooden flag always feels right over the mantel at this time of year.

Other than the sectional (Ikea Farlov), nothing is new in here. I have collected most of these pieces though the years and take them out each summer.
Truth be told, I am still getting used to the sectional in here. It isn't my favorite as far as furniture arrangement is concerned, but it does seat x-box playing teenagers comfortably so there is that. I guess a sectional is a good choice for this stage of life. It takes a lot of throw pillows to cozy up this space. Said throw pillows repeatedly end up in a heap on the floor - all summer long.
Also, the rug situation in this space is a mess! I am looking forward to adding a new area rug that my mom recently passed down to me for fall. The current rug is a tough indoor/outdoor rug that can handle damp dogs and teenagers, which are both filling this space in abundance right now. Yes, Dax, I am referring to you!
Anyway, I hope the new-to-me rug will cozy things up more. Of course I am already planning fall - it's my favorite season to decorate for! :)
I always enjoy adding seasonal touches to our gallery wall and I continue to add to it all summer long as we find new items on our adventures. A neighbor recently told me that her family would never choose to buy a vacation home because they prefer to spend their money traveling and seeing new places. And I could totally appreciate that perspective. But, for us, there is so much to explore in our beloved Adirondacks. We are truly still finding new spots continually - just within a few miles of our family cabin. I do think it is important to see new places too and I am very much looking forward to visiting Maine at the end of this summer. Do you prefer to mostly vacation in the same place or try to always see new places?

So there you have it. A family room that is VERY lived in by a family. Including 2 big and hairy dogs. I hope you enjoyed this "real life" glimpse of our imperfect family room.


  1. Imperfect? No way! I love this room. And part of what makes it perfect are those 2 hairy dogs and those xbox playing kids...but you know that already! I am glad the sectional is working out for you and I am looking forward to seeing the rug you put in there. I know the indoor outdoor ones are practical but I am sure you have something even prettier in mind. Enjoy the rest of your summer - it's going fast!

  2. I love it all. Love the red/white/blue and the flags. This room is fabulous

  3. Real it! The room is so inviting. And, I totally can relate to the big, hairy dogs. So much so that I plan my furniture color and rug color around said dog. LOL

  4. I LOVE your family room... your whole house for that matter! Your family room has the wonderful feel of a welcoming Adirondack cottage that you get to live in Every. Single. Day! -- how fun is that? I love the vintage paintings and touches of lake d├ęcor. You have such a gift in setting a just-right room! I do enjoy traveling vacations; the educational experiences can't be beat, but my husband most loves exploring the wilderness, plus one of our family members, Elsa, a giant-breed Leonberger, must be with us, her herd, at all times, so that limits where we can go. We are in the process of finding a small cabin or land to build near the BWCAW (Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness). We will be traveling up there again in 2 wks. to again scout out real estate and can hardly wait -- I hope this trip will bring success! Hubs wants remote and us girls want lake, dock, and not too far from quaint coffee shops. haha Thanks for the lovely room tour -- you always inspire!!

  5. Simply relaxed and honey. I agree that the Adirondacks have so much to offer and traveling beyond that is a few years off. My husband and I did travel to Scotland and New Zealand along with San Juan Islands in Washington state. I did enjoy but future travel has to wait for now. Hello from Old Forge!

  6. Love your summer decor! It suits your family to a T!!!!

  7. Love it Courtney. What I love most about your home and decor is that you surround yourself with what reflects your life and what you love about life. The mountain outdoor theme is beautiful and I know how much you love your escapes to the Cabin and outdoors. I cannot wait to see your fall decor. It will be here soon! Dax is such a happy guy. Look at that happy smile he has. Sooooo adorable. Happy New Week.

  8. I love this room. Your gallery walls are always interesting, I love all the color. Your home has such great personality and is so welcoming.

    I would love to have a small cabin in the woods and would be happy to always go there. I don’t really enjoy traveling and staying in hotels, much prefer my own bed.

    Can’t wait to see your warm and cozy fall home.

  9. I like how you change out your gallery wall every season, and add your seasonal touches, even if they are the same each summer, etc. It makes the room fresh and different, even if it is like an old friend coming to visit each season. My house looks the same year round and I'm wishing it could have seasonal refreshes. I just need to give it a go!

  10. Your home always looks so cozy and welcoming, Courtney, in every season! I think we like to go back to the same places often, like you (ours is the Sagamore) feels familiar, like home, but without having to clean it and do chores, ha ha!! We usually try to get a quick trip up to Saratoga after racing season as well....I'm looking forward to that!

  11. Hi Courtney, your home always looks so pretty and I love your collections of the things that you love. A sectional is a great choice for now when your family is full of growing kids and dogs. You will have time to get something "pretty" later on so enjoy all this time now. We gave our sectional to the kids and their dogs, Jake and his friends, all make good use of it..xxoJudy

  12. You really have a great way of making a space beautiful, cozy, interesting, and just right for the season. It also reflects the outdoor side of life you family loves. Perfect to me!

    I like the sectional. I never did in the past for us. At the lake we have a sofa and love seat and I'm often pushing them together to meet at the corner and provide more space. Ridiculous! But its a done deal!

    I've been wondering about Keeper...I hope he's still with you. Dax is such a beautiful dog! :)


  13. Such a wonderful space, Courtney! I love everything about it!


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