August 4, 2018

Our Split-Level Summer Kitchen

The small-ish kitchen in our split level home was very ordinary when we moved in, but I am so glad I made the decision to add the triple windows over the farmhouse sink when we DIY-ed this kitchen 10 years ago. I have had so much fun styling these windows through the seasons and years! I think the summertime is my favorite time at the sink.

I picked up a dish rack at HomeGoods earlier this summer and there is just a simplicity about washing dishes by hand that reminds me of childhood. Of Grandma hanging the sheets on the line to dry. I think returning at least a little bit to your childhood is what makes summer such a special time of year.
Our kitchen island is currently undergoing a makeover that I will share the reveal of soon. In the meantime, she served us well in her prior state for many years. It was just time for a change. 
And because I took so long to get this post written, I also have pictures of changes I made more recently to the sink windows. I added some yellow and white gingham "curtains" made from a Sur La Table dish towel for a cheery look. The 3 small wreaths and the grow sign are all Target Dollar Spot finds.

I don't bake too much in the summer, but have been enjoying some recipes from the Magnolia Table cookbook. Below is the lemon pie - the perfect dessert for a summer BBQ.
I am looking forward to sharing the changes to our kitchen island soon. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer.


  1. Love your kitchen and love those fabulous windows too

  2. Love the kitchen and yes washing dishes by hand is definitely a look back! But then you are talking to someone who still hangs sheets on the clothes line! Looking forward to more pictures of that lovely kitchen!
    Chris W. Texas

  3. glad you’re back!

  4. glad you’re back!

  5. Always love seeing your pretty kitchen. The amount of light you get in this room is amazing. So pretty. I always wanted triple windows over the kitchen sink area like you have. It is so open and pretty. Love that farmhouse sink. Have a great weekend.

  6. So pretty Courtney. Yes, hand washing the dishes and cute gingham cafe curtains definitely take me back in time. Darling.

  7. Love your kitchen! I miss having a window over my sink and would LOOOOVE to have a farmhouse sink!

  8. I Love that dish rack. I was almost about to ask where you found one so pretty! In the summer, I hang bed sheets on the line and pool towels. I absolutely love the smell of line dried sheets. Can't buy that smell in a bottle. (Thankfully, i live where the air smells good!) Have a great August.

  9. Beautiful! AND delicious!!!!! : - )

  10. Would love to see a post showing the before and after kitchen if you have one. Also, I currently have a double stainless sink which I love, but am thinking about a farmhouse sink. Do you have any issues with staining?


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