April 24, 2017

Spring Patio Refresh

Spring covered patio refresh with porch swing and potted ferns
When the first warm days of spring arrive, I can't wait to get outside and prepare a space to enjoy all of that fresh air I have been craving. I usually begin with our covered patio. When BJ's® Wholesale Club asked if I would like to use some of their items to refresh my space for spring, I jumped at the opportunity.
Shopping at BJ's for spring patio refresh
My husband and I headed to our local BJ's and had fun perusing the outdoor decor/furniture aisles. We appreciate shopping in stores where we can grab some new outdoor decor AND pick up the milk and orange juice that we always seem to need with 3 growing boys in our house. I was especially glad to have him along because he helped me haul the big new rug that we selected. We decided to start our refresh with an outdoor rug. Our old concrete patio has acquired a few cracks and this rug really helps to camouflage that.
Spring covered patio refresh with porch swing, outdoor rug and potted ferns
I like the texture it adds with the natural colors. I enjoy how it really dresses up the space and makes it feel more cozy - more like an outdoor room than a patio. I think our sweet pup, Dax, agrees and has found a new outdoor napping spot. :)
Golden retriever on patio with indoor/outdoor rug
We also picked up some new planters. I love the look of the stone on these planters.
Potted fern in faux stone planter in Spring Patio Refresh
They add such great color and texture to this area. I added a couple of potted ferns by simply plopping them into the new planters. So easy! The beige "knitted" look planter is also a new find from BJ's. It reminds me of a cozy knit sweater. Just perfect to help cozy up our patio.
Potted fern in faux stone planter in Spring Patio Refresh
Potted fern in faux stone planter in Spring Patio Refresh
I also grabbed the striped bag to add another pattern to the space. We are always on-the-go at time of year so this bag will certainly be put to good use this spring.
Spring patio refresh with porch swing and covered patio
I kept a majority of the area open and uncluttered because with 3 boys and 2 dogs, there is a great deal of activity happening in this space each day.
Spring gardening tools for potting
I love to garden so new clippers are a must each year. These are such a pretty mint green color and they came in a package all together. I am so looking forward to peony season and cutting my own bouquets to bring indoors. And let's not forget about the lilacs. I think I can smell them already.
White Adirondack chairs with spring items under covered patio
Golden retriever on patio with indoor/outdoor rug
There is nothing quite like the new beginnings that spring always brings. And now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to head on out to our "new" covered patio and relax for a few minutes with the pups. Happy spring!

Disclosure: BJ's® Wholesale Club provided items for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Our porch is definitely another living space here in Texas. It may be the most used room in the house, after the kitchen, of course. I wish I had a BJ's. I may need to google that, because those stone look planters are amazing. Your patio looks very inviting. Enjoy!
    Chris W

  2. I love all the new spring accessories! I am so exciting for some warmer temps later this week! Enjoy your beautiful patio!

  3. Oh, how inviting. Enjoy, Enjoy!! Blessings and smiles

  4. Your patio looks beautiful all dressed up for spring! I love the planters and the lovely rug really does make the space feel like a room!

  5. Fantastic! I know how your family loves being outdoors and this is a perfect place to spend time together.

    Oh...that Dax is such a cutie!!! Love him! :)

    Jane !

  6. The porch looks great! I like your style.

  7. Great finds!! I adore those planters, they're awesome! I have a large sisal looking outdoor rug on my upper deck, in the firepit seating area, and I love it - it definitely helps cozy up the space!

  8. I would love too know where you found your porch swing. Is it comfortable? Im looking for one for our backyard swing. TIA!