February 12, 2016

Staying Organized & My Latest Shopping Trip to Ikea

Is it cold in your neck of the woods?  It sure is here in NJ and will remain so for the next few days.  I have been happily hibernating for much of this winter.  With the new puppy and projects keeping me busy at home, I haven't done much shopping.  But the other day the sun was shining and I hopped in my car and headed to Ikea.  The main item on my Ikea list was a new slipcover for the desk chair in our upstairs living room.

I bought this Dana Parsons chair at Pier One a while back, but I was over the green slipcover I had on it.  I realized that Ikea's slipcovers were for the same size chair, at half the price.  The black and white check fabric over the back of the chair is a scarf from Target.
Faux fiddle plant from Ikea -
I move this console table around my living room a lot.  When I am feeling the need to be more organized, I turn it into a desk.  I even bought some new striped folders at HomeGoods that say "Organized" on them in hopes that 2016 will be the year I finally get organized.  Each person has one folder with their name on it and I put all the miscellaneous papers that land on the kitchen counter into them.  When I realize that no one ever actually sits at the desk, I change it back to a console table.  What can I say?  That's the crazy cycle of things in our house.
Begin mug on console table used as a desk -
Ideas for staying organized - side of refrigerator - Ikea magnetic board painted with chalkboard paint -
On my Ikea trip, I also picked up a couple of bedspreads.  I like using them for layering patterns and texture around the house.  For now, the black and white check is to be used as a throw in the living room.  The blue and white stripe will be for our spring bedding.  I picked up a couple of faux plants too.  I had my eye out for some real plants, but the pickings were slim the day I was there, unfortunately.
Ikea finds January 2016 -
If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know how excited I was with this find.  They had these faux cedar topiaries on clearance for 50% off.  So naturally I had to bring a couple home for our entryway.
Ikea faux cedar topiaries in entryway with DIY chalkboard -
I also took a quick walk through The Christmas Tree Shops because I ended up getting to Ikea before they opened.  They had lots & lots of spring decor out.  I was surprised to see these copies of the nesting herb crates that were so popular on blogs a while back.  They were very cheaply made and it also made me kind of sad to see them so mass produced.
Copies of nesting herb crates -
Have you done much home shopping lately?  What are your favorite stores to browse around?


  1. A trip to Ikea is always fun! I wish I had one closer. I either have to drive over an hour to the one in Pennsylvania or risk my life driving to the one by Newark airport. (I took a wrong turn once on my way there and have never been so scared in my life!) I recently ordered a couple duvet covers from them online though. They were on sale and the shipping wasn't too ridiculous - they were still cheaper than anywhere else I could find! Love your entryway - those topiaries are so cute. I can only go faux with those types of plants since I kill basically everything! Enjoy the weekend and stay warm! It was 10 degrees when my boys went out to the bus stop today! Brrrr...

  2. Such a great idea to use the bedspreads as throws...and there's lots of fabric in those, too. You've got me thinking now. I love a trip to IKEA (I first typed that as IDEA lol but so true) and always come home with some fun goodies! Love the things you found...makes me want to go shopping...

    1. That’s what I love about Ikea, finding ideas! And everything is so affordable so it makes it even better. Happy shopping!!

  3. I haven't been doing much shopping lately. Recently I've been very disappointed with the Christmas Tree Store. Lately seems like everything in there is like a more expensive version of a dollar store, everything is mass produced and really kind of junky. Your home always looks like it's well organized and very tidy to me. Stay warm the next few days here in our neck of the wood are going to be brutal.

    1. Hi Jeanette. Yes, I completely agree with you on the Christmas Tree Shop. I try to keep my house neat, but believe me it isn't quite as neat and tidy as my blog pictures :) You stay warm too!!

  4. Courtney...I wish I had an Ikea close---mine is about 50 minutes away--is that far? We don't have a ChristmasTree Shop near either. Oh well, we have Home Goods!!!! :)

    I so love everything from the bedspreads to the topiaries. I need a shopping trip soon! As always, I love seeing pics of your pretty home!


  5. Just drop me off at Home Goods and pick me up next week!!!

  6. Courtney, I haven't been to Ikea for some time. Seems like you can always find something shopping there. The closest one to us is about an hour and a half away and I think it's about time to go again. Seems like I remember hubby asking what I wanted for Valentines Day.. Is that taller plant faux from there too..a fig plant? If so, that's what I want..Happy Valentines Day..Judy

  7. I love the direction you are going and the little finds. Stay warm!

  8. Love the Adirondacks poster you have pegged up could you tell me where you purchased it? The sketches are just adorable and look terrific as an office piece :)