November 4, 2015

November Changes

I don't know what it is about late October & early November,  but it sparks lots of projects around here every year.  Last year, we added a some planking to a wall in our family room.  And this year we are adding some more to the kitchen level of our split level home.  We love how much character it adds instantly.
DIY planking and painted sign in farmhouse style dining room -

While we were busy planking, I also decided we needed a new sign for this wall - so we added a DIY sign to the to-do list.  I love to bake so that is why I chose "Baking Co." and the names Hoffman & Sweeney underneath are a subtle reference to our favorite place in the mountains.
DIY farmhouse style sign -
This whole level of our home just feels fresher now.  
DIY farmhouse style dining room with planking and french doors -
DIY farmhouse style dining room with planking and french doors -
I am enjoying adding some more farmhouse elements to the room too.
Target farm to table bag on DIY kitchen island with bead board -
The leaves outside our kitchen window are just gorgeous right now.  As a blogger, I should probably be focusing on Christmas decor because I have deadlines to meet, but it is hard to do when there is still so much beautiful foliage outside every window.  So I will procrastinate for a few more days and then the pressure will be on.  I love fall most of all and I hate to pack it all away so soon.
Fall foliage outside triple kitchen window over sink with farmhouse sink and caged pendant -
  In the meantime, I spent Saturday cleaning windows.  It is amazing what a difference that makes.Fall foliage and World Market mug rack -
Brondy chandelier in farmhouse style dining room with white planking -
Deer and pumpkins as fall centerpiece in dining room -
We also added another wall of planking to the living room and Billy is just about finished trimming that out and then I can share that too.  Happy November!


  1. I LOVE it all!! The throw, centerpiece, planking, bench, sign...EVERYTHING!!!! Your home is beautiful!

  2. Your kitchen is wonderful. Love the planking and your new sign. The light in your kitchen is beautiful.

  3. I adore your home! And as I look around I see many items that I also own....which explains why your house feels so much like 'home' to me!!

  4. Courtney.
    Love it all. Just swooning over all your beautiful pics. Your home is so inviting, cozy and just oozes charm. Hope Forrest is doing ok. Thinking about you guys.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Lovely, Lovely! I agree with you, enjoy your autumn decor and views as long as you can! Christmas can wait a little longer.

  6. The planked wall adds so much character. I love it! The sign is also perfect and it's so nice how it has special meaning to you. I agree with you on appreciating the fall. It really has been beautiful and this weather today!!! Unbelievable. My kids had 1/2 days of school for conferences this week so have had tons of time to play outside. I can't get over how warm it is...what am I doing inside?

  7. Love your plank wall, Courtney! Everything you added looks really good. I'm crazy about that plaid blanket and the new baking sign too. Hope your day has been a fun one, CoCo

  8. Courtney...I love your new planked walls, just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your kitchen, it's one of my favorite rooms to see on IG and your blog. I am with you.....fall is my favorite...I'm holding onto it until Thanksgiving is over!!!!

  9. Your kitchen looks great Courtney! Did you paint the wall white before you planked it? I have been reading that your should do that.

    1. Thanks Melissa! We have never painted the walls before we plank them because all of our walls are lighter colored to start. We are definitely not rule followers when it comes to our DIY projects ;)

  10. Your house looks so beautiful and cozy...absolutely love it!! The sign you made looks so great in your dining area. I am so blown away that it is a DIY!? Do you have any tutorial or tips on how to go about making a sign like this?!

  11. Hi Courtney! Would you mind if I used the first picture on this post on a blog post of mine. I'm updating a post about the living room and have the sconces up that you had sent me the link to. :) You will be FULLY referenced and linked. :)

  12. Love the green paint color. Can I ask what the color is?