October 6, 2014

Finding My Own Style {with Inspiration from Sarah Richardson}

Last year, when a writer/stylist asked me what my design style was during an interview for a magazine, I realized I didn't have an answer to that.  Sheesh...a blogger that mostly blogs about houses should know that answer off the top of her head!  I stumbled through my answer of farmhouse country mixed with casual mixed with a bit of glam (referring to the one crystal chandelier in my master bath).  Since then, I have taken some time to look around my own house and my Pinterest boards, and I realize I was right in my answer, but a more simple word to use may have been eclectic.  A little bit of everything that I love and speaks home to me.  I really think the most interesting, warm and charming homes have a collection of styles that is unique to the people who live there.  This  window seat and bookshelves are the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.  We created this space a year ago and it still makes me happy to open my eyes and see this, because it is so perfectly "me".
Window seat in Master Bedroom created with upper cabinets from Lowes and a repurposed wall unit.
It has taken me years to be confident in my own style.  When we were first married, I decorated in a very country style.  However, over the years, that style began to feel dated and I started decorating in what was more trendy.  But it never felt like me.  Watching Sarah's Richardson's HGTV shows was a game changer for me.  My "A-Ha" moment as Oprah would say.  Sarah was using quilts and antiques and creating gorgeous spaces combining a variety of styles.  Her version of country didn't feel corny at all.  I was inspired in a way that I had never been before by a designer.

Sarah Richardson designs family room in farmhouse
My own family room is layered much like this room.  I think Sarah is a master at mixing textures and patterns and she has shown me that I can try my hand at that too.  My room is definitely less refined and more family friendly...because that is what suits us best.  That and I am not a professional designer with my own tv show:)
Corner Stone fireplace in family room with Bassey plaid chairs and Autumn quilt.
I enjoy mixing patterns in throw pillows.  My family says I am throw pillow obsessed.  They are right.
Brown leather sofa in family room with fall
 I love the banter between Sarah and her sidekick, designer Tommy.  Most of all, I have enjoyed watching and learning from her design process.  How she picks out fabric and shops antique shops and shows.  When I was designing our Master Bedroom last year, I kept looking at the Master in Sarah's Farmhouse for inspiration.
Sarah Richardson Designs Master Bedroom
I love the quilt mixed with the floral fabrics.  My budget prohibited selecting custom made bedding and pillows, so I did my best to pull together a similar look for my bedding with things I found at Ikea, Pottery Barn and HomeGoods.
Mixed pattern bedding with Pottery Barn multistar quilt and Ikea duvet
And I enjoyed putting the fabrics in the window seat together as well.  Here it is at Christmas last year.
Window seat with wreath and christmas decor in master
When it came time to renovate our Master Bathroom, I looked to some of Sarah's bathrooms for help designing ours.  Isn't this bathroom gorgeous?
Sarah Richardson Designs Master Bathroom
That's a dream bathroom for sure!  My bathroom needed to be my version of a much more affordable dream bathroom.  I added a touch of glam with my mirrors (from Lowes) and chandelier (from Home Depot) and I love it.  
Venetian arch mirror in master bathroom with crystal mini
I loved the exposed shower that Sarah used in this bathroom but the cost of that particular fixture was waaaay out of my league.  
Sarah Richardson Designs shower
So I shopped and shopped and shopped some more.  Until I found a similer look in our price range from Vintage Tub and Bath.  
Elizabethan Classics exposed shower in master bath with white subway
I channel my inner Sarah Richardson when it comes to decorating for any season.  I loved putting together these fabrics in our Fall kitchen.  An eclectic pile of coordinating fabrics makes me happy!
Fall mixed
And our numbered stairs that lead from our Family Room to our Kitchen, were definitely inspired by Sarah :)
Numbered stairs inspired by Sarah
Are you a fan of Sarah Richardson?  I follow her and Tommy on Instagram (my very favorite form of social media.  you can find me here) and I am so excited that they are currently renovating another lake cottage.  I can't wait to see those episodes!  Unfortunately, it usually takes a while to get to HGTV in the US because it usually runs first in Canada.  The best news is that she has a book coming out soon in November...her very first.  Yup, I already pre-ordered it :)
I hope you enjoyed reading about how I have found my design style.  The e-mails and comments you guys send me letting me know that my style has inspired YOU just make this all worthwhile. 


  1. I'm a huge Sarah fan too and pre ordered her book as well. I can hardly wait! Your home looks beautiful, I think Sarah would be proud,love that window seat.

    1. Thanks Karen! Can hardly wait until November to get a look at that book too:)

      Have a great day!

  2. It was fun to see how you put together your own look, with inspiration from Sarah.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Your home is gorgeous! I love Sarah's far as my own...eclectic at best! ;)

  4. Your style is beautiful. Love your pretty bedroom. Looks like Sarah designed it! The mirror and chandelier are from Lowes? Gorgeous. You are very talented.

    1. Thank you so much! The mirrors in the bathroom are from Lowes, but they are no longer available. I have searched but have't found anything similar for that price point, unfortunately. The chandelier was from You can find more sources in my Master Bathroom post (link is right in the sidebar). Hope that helps!

  5. Love this post.I've been stalking you and Sarah for awhile.(I fear she may get a restraining order against me.LOL)I love her style and your's,as well.

    1. I didn't mean I was stalking you,but Sarah.Does that make sens?

    2. Thank you...LOL on the stalking. I'm sure Sarah would consider it a compliment :)

  6. Eclectic....I guess that's my style too. I love a bit of everything- glam, vintage, farmhouse, modern..and I've tried my best to have our home represent that, although I admit it can be difficult because sometimes I can't decide which way to style a certain room because I love it all!