September 17, 2014

Wire Baskets

Ideas for using wire baskets for home storage solutions.
One of my favorite aisles in HomeGoods is the one that is full of baskets and storage items.  I have found through the years, and lots of trial and error, that my family stays the most organized when we have baskets to put things in.  Especially the everyday things.  This method isn't full proof.  The baskets need to be gone through quite often and things aren't usually as neat as you see them in these pictures.  However, it definitely keeps things off the countertop (somewhat) and I have an answer to all those yells of, "MOOOOM, where's the phone charger, library book, etc?" that is the soundtrack of my life.  Let's start in the kitchen, shall we?

When I hung this basket on the side of our island, I never imagined how useful it would be (or how many times it would be pinned on Pinterest!).  I think it was actually meant for magazines or papers, but I loved the way the chicken wire looked against the bead board so I asked Billy to hang it here (and he looked at me like I was nuts as he often does).  It has turned out to be the perfect place to store our paper plates and lunch bags...things we use daily.
Hanging wire basket for kitchen storage. ll
I recently started rolling up our dish towels and storing them here, too.  I think I have mentioned before that I have a "thing" for dish towels so this keeps them more visible...and that makes me happy.  Speaking of dish towels, I just got the new Crate & Barrel catalog and they have some adorable choices there!  Do you have a favorite place to buy dish towels?  Let's move over to the open shelves in our kitchen island.
Wire basket for cookbook storage in kitchen. ll
I use a wire basket to store some of my favorite cookbooks, which means there is room for the Barefoot Contessas and maybe 3 more books.  She has a new one coming out this fall.  I. CAN'T. WAIT!!
Wire basket for cookbook storage in kitchen. ll
In our mudroom, we use this red wire basket to hold our library books so they don't get mixed up with our own books.  I have spent many frantic mornings searching for library books that need to be returned THAT DAY at school.  And of course it is always on the mornings when we are already running late.
Wire basket in mudroom to store books.
In our front entryway, the mail has a place in this wire basket.  
Wire basket to hold mail in
I recently posted about this wire tiered stand in our Master Bathroom.  It is working out so well there.  I found mine in the kitchen section at HomeGoods.
Tiered wire basket for bathroom
Finally, another version of the basket that hangs in our kitchen, also hangs in our powder room.  It has been convenient to hold extra hand towels and rolls of toilet paper.  When we have guests over, I put a package of the Kleenex disposable hand towels in there and it works out great.
Wire basket for storage in powered
I hope you were able to find an idea for storage in your home.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. super inspiration here..pinned a bunch! Christine from Little Brags

    1. So glad you got some ideas. Thanks for letting me know...and pinning :)

  2. where did you purchase the baskets. They are so cute and great in a country kitchen.

  3. I'd echo what nanasknoll said above. ^^^ I adore some of these ideas! Despite searching high & low, including a few trips to my own local Home Goods (LOVE it, isn't HG glorious?!), I'm having a crazy hard time finding good sized, sturdy rectangular baskets such as those pictured in your powder room & kitchen. I *especially love the red one in your mudroom! ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Wonderful blog! I've found quite a bit of great inspiration here. You have a lovely home, thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. Where did you get that cute red glass door cabinet? Thanks!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your house is just too cute - love it! Ps world market has the cutest dish towels!! I'm obsessed!!

  7. Would love to know where you got the basket that hangs in your kitchen and powder room. LOVE!!!

  8. I like this, keep going until reach your goals

  9. Where did you purchase your wall wire baskets? I love the red one by the entry way. I would love to get one like that for my son's room. Thank you


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  11. I'm in the process of remodeling my kitchen and would love to add some of the wired baskets you've displayed, especially the red one for late books! I'm always searching too! The one hanging on your island as well. The only problem is in finding them.. I've searched everywhere and have only found more pictures, mostly of yours from Pinterest lol! Could you please help me and share where you purchased these? Thank you, and I love your ideas.


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