June 4, 2014

Catch Up

I can't thank you guys enough for the comments and e-mails about my blog break and balancing what to share on here.  I love the scrapbook of our home and family that this blog has become.  I can't imagine ever just sharing pictures of our house without the story of the people who live in it and make it a home.

So, here's a bit of what we have been up to.  My oldest boy turned 16, the age of the driver's permit in NJ.  As a joke, we celebrated with a Cars themed day at the Upstate NY house.  He now has his leaner's permit and I think I am going to enjoy having a chauffeur for the year.
Speaking of birthdays, I turned forty last month.
I know it is supposed to be a milestone birthday, but it didn't seem like a big deal at all.  I am not a big surprise party person but Billy wanted the birthday to be memorable.  So he gave me a convertible.  He told me that each of the four rings that make up the Audi trademark symbol for ten years, equaling 40. Yeah, he's definitely a keeper.
audi a5 convertible 40th
My mommy SUV days are over (for now) and I have been having a blast transporting my kids all over creation in my (new to me) car.  My last car was a 6 year old Volvo that drove like a tank so this car is quite a change.  Our "family"car is still our Tahoe as the convertible doesn't have room for all of us.  Billy and I have been enjoying taking rides together...I guess we are having a joint mid-life crisis :)
I love gardening this time of year and I have the poison ivy to prove that I've been doing just that.  I always planted lots of annuals before we moved here, but for a few years now I skipped it because they usually end up eaten by deer and rabbits by Memorial Day.  This year I am trying again with Marigolds and so far, so good.  I also planted some dahlias mixed in with them.  Our peonies are gorgeous this year.  I love the way they look in the blue mason jar in the picture at the start of this post.
Marigolds and

Our latest project has NOT been a fun one.  Last year, we had a new pool liner installed.  This year, we are dealing with drainage issues surrounding our pool.  Billy had to dig a trench surrounding the pool to create a french drain.  Trouble is,  just under our soil is very hard clay and rock and it is a nightmare to get through. This is the product he is using.  He assures me that this project hasn't been quick or easy.
Quick and easy drainage solution for french drains around
french drains around in ground
The dogs are not much help at all, but they do keep him company.  He's been dragging the umbrella around with him as he works to stay somewhat cool.
The good news is that project is finished and the pool is now open.  The new drainage seems to be doing its job so far.  I have been power washing and getting this area of our yard ready for summer.  Our kids still have a few weeks left of school and it is extremely hot here.  They can't wait to jump in the pool as soon as they get home in the afternoon.  
We are ready for summer :)

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