November 29, 2013

Our Advent Calendar 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!  Black Friday is always a favorite of mine, but not because of shopping.  Do you hit the sales on Black Friday?  I plan to hit up a few online sales, usually Old Navy and this year I am going to check out the deals at LandsEnd.  Other than that, we will be decorating for Christmas and eating leftovers and hanging out by the fire.  My kind of day!... 

I wanted to show you what I ended up doing for an Advent calendar this year.  Matty is 8 and he still enjoys having something small to open each day.  The last 2 years, he unwrapped a Christmas book each day and that was really fun the first year, but last year he lost interest in it pretty early on.  When I saw this idea from Oh Happy Day on Pinterest, I thought it was adorable and decided to create our own version...

I purchased the little boxes and trees at Michaels and printed out the numbers.  I was originally planning to put little candies and trinkets in the boxes when the little items to decorate a small tree caught my eye.  My boy loves all things that are miniature.  So when I saw the mini trains and toys and decorations, I knew they would be perfect.  

Half of the boxes are filled with items to decorate the tree.  The other half are filled with candy and small toys.

My little guy has been counting down the days until he can open box #1.

I can't wait to begin sharing some of our Christmas decorations next week!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. This is so cute Courtney! Love it:) pinning...

  2. What a great idea, so unique and thoughtful.