November 18, 2013

DIY 3 Tiered Kitchen Stand

DIY 3 tiered kitchen stand tutorial from

I have had my eye on this galvanized stand from Pottery Barn for a while.  The $69 price tag, not including tax and shipping, kept me from pushing that "place order" button more than once...

Pottery Barn
I thought there just had to be a way to make a DIY version of this for much much less.  A quick online search gave me the idea to use the cake pans and candlesticks.  I already had most of these items on hand. This is what I used.

Items used to make a DIY 3 tiered kitchen stand tutorial from

I glued the candlesticks to the pans and let them sit overnight.  I then spray painted them with silver metallic paint.  I am so happy with how it came out!  Here is how it looked before I got started filling it up with fun stuff.

DIY 3 tiered kitchen stand tutorial from

There are so many uses for a stand like this.  For now, mine is sitting on our island holding some spice jars, nesting measuring cups, tea bags and kitchen twine.

DIY 3 tiered kitchen stand tutorial from

 diy 3 tiered kitchen stand from

*Note: Spray paint is typically not food safe.  Therefore, I put all food items in food safe bowls before putting on this stand.  No food should come in direct contact with the spray painted surface.*

My Cost Breakdown:

10" cake pan-$5 with coupon from AC Moore
Silver Metallic spray paint-$5.99

Items I already had were the other 2 cake pans and candlesticks.  I used E600 glue which I already had on hand.

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  1. Be careful about putting any food items in there, typically spray paint is not food-safe even after curing.

    1. Thanks for your concern, Jenna. I place any food on this stand in food safe bowls, but I did make a note of it on my post in case there is anyone that doesn't know spray paint isn't food safe. Thanks again and have a great day!

    2. Awesome, thanks for adding the note! It's a great project! I've just seen a lot of spray painted cake stands lately and worry about people trying to serve things directly on it.

  2. It seriously looks amazing! You are so creative!

  3. This is awesome!! Great idea. Come link up to my linky party and share your idea with us.

  4. Hi there - I LOVE this, it is so functional and pretty! Can't wait to make one for my kitchen - quick question, what did you use to hang your measuring spoons? Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. Thanks so much for posting a lot of this awesome content! Looking forward to checking out more.

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  6. This is darling!! I love this… I have such limited countertop space that I always am trying to think of a cute way to keep things at hand.. I may have to try this… I am going to be looking for a few cake pans at garage sales this summer!! SO cute!

  7. Oh so cute! I wonder if sealing the spray paint would make it a more friendly kitchen item? Also, I have to say - I think it looked super cute before you painted it, so not painting it would be a good food-safe option, I would think. ;-)

  8. Great idea, I think I'm going to try to make one to hold my small craft paint bottles....maybe put it on a turntable so it spins.

  9. I love it, what height are the candlesticks?

  10. You could also use plates instead of the pans to serve food on.


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