June 4, 2013

May Wrap-Up

Whew!  May flew right by us.  Here are some of our highlights from the month:

We celebrated my mom and Ray's wedding at a luncheon.  Here we are all dressed up...

These are the simple centerpieces I made using hydrangeas and mason jars.

The boys arrived in style in my brother's boat. The best dressed boaters our family has ever seen.

Swans by my sister-in-law's dock.  Aren't the babies adorable?

The whole swan family

We also celebrated this guy's 15th Birthday.  Somebody stop the clock!  He is growing much too fast.

Finally, at the end of the month, we spent a weekend in Schroon Lake.

Aaaah...summer in Schroon Lake.  Our oldest boy had to stay home with his grandparents and work.  He is saving every dime he makes to buy a pick-up truck as soon as he is old enough to drive.  We sure did miss him!

 This creek is our middle guy's favorite place to go.  The dogs like to swim here too.

The first boat ride of the season is always one of the best!

Tired pups (and boy) on our ride home.  This day we hit lots of torrential downpours so it was a long ride.

The boys have a couple of more weeks of school.  This time of year always feels so busy!  We are so looking forward to the lazy days of summer.   

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  1. Hello. You have a lovely family. I really enjoy your pictures. Have a good day. Elise from Montreal