May 28, 2013

Kitchen Desk {Repurposed Console Table}

Maybe it's the former teacher in me, but I love having an organized (and pretty!) desk to work at.  I didn't have a desk in my kitchen in this house, but after we repurposed our Broyhill entertainment center, I realized I still had an old console table that matched in my basement that was just begging for some Rustoleum Heirloom White paint.  And our family was in desperate need of better organization for our paperwork and planning.  We needed a kitchen desk!...

After painting the table, I had a piece of plexi-glass cut for the top at Lowes to make a nice smooth work surface.  I put some pretty scrapbook paper under the plexi and love that I can now change that out whenever I feel like it.  I bought the white Martha Stewart organizer at Staples and filled it with file folders from Target.  Every family member has their own folder, as well as the school info. we need at hand.  This alone has been great in keeping us organized.

I also added a shelf for some often used binders and magazine files (dressed up with washi tape).  The white magnet board is from Ikea.  I also added some stick-on, battery powered lights under the shelf.

Now that we have everything organized right here, where all the family activity happens (in the kitchen!), I can't imagine how we lived without it.  It's the planning center of our home.  Come see the rest of our kitchen here!

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  1. So cute! I love the chair too. I redid an old desk this Winter for my kitchen, but I always end up working at the kitchen table anyway. Maybe if it was as organized as your desk I could use it, but for now it's just an oversized filing cabinet and junk resting place. :)

  2. I always end up at our kitchen table, too but your repurposed desk just might do the trick! I love the color palette too and being able to update the paper under the plexi is genius!

  3. Oh I love it, so cute and useful too!

  4. What an awesome idea! We definitely need an organized place in our kitchen, cuz right now all the stuff just ends up on my craft table and it's a huge mess!

  5. Love your desk area setup! An Heirloom white can fix anything right? LOL! Your son's portrait is adorable!!

  6. You remind me of me, I noticed everything in your space. You move things around a lot!! Did you move the bookshelves to your bedroom?? They looked like they were originally off of the kitchen. I have the center piece of the entertainment center, now very motivated to finally paint it!! Your home is beautiful !!


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