June 17, 2020

Early Summer in Our Kitchen & Living Room

Adding fun items to my kitchen is one of my favorite hobbies! Fortunately for me, I have plenty to choose from on the shelves in our basement since I haven't been able to shop in any of my favorite thrift stores or HomeGoods this Spring. Hopefully soon! 

On my last trip to a thrift store before the shutdown, I found this vintage tablecloth and I love the color it adds to our kitchen. Such a fun find! I also found the chippy yellow step ladder that day.
I have been toying with the idea of painting this hitch with a butter yellow chalk paint but I chickened out at the last minute. I feel like this spot in our house could use a but more personality. What do you think?
I will probably change up the color in our living room as we get further into summer, but for now I am enjoying the yellow and green.
And finally, here's a peek down into our front entryway.
Thanks for stopping by today!


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  2. I just love how you have so much color in your home and how it all goes together so well!!! It is so inviting!!!

  3. All lovely. Re: the hutch, more color would be more your style and would add interest. Love that tablecloth! You are so inspiring to me, I am working on making my kitchen as delightful as yours - I bought the same birdhouse at Home Goods the other day (they are open here in the Richmond, VA area.) And I hung a set of Home Goods yellow and white check napkins in the window. And bought some Pioneer Woman kitchen towels to add those delightful pops of color. Question: did you paint the foyer table another color or is it a different table? Hope your thrifts and Home Goods open soon. Goodwill has done a good job of following the guidelines for keeping people safe. Thanks for sharing your awesome early summer decor with us!

  4. Hi Courtney,
    Your kitchen is so bright and pretty. Love all your country colors and decor. That sweet tote with the picture of all the recipe books is so cute. Happy Thursday. Hope you guys are all doing well considering what has been going on.

  5. LOVE all the summer colors !! Kitchen is just amazing !!!!! Happy summer:)

  6. Your home is so cheerful & colorful. I say go with the yellow on your hutch! Your home is a joy to visit. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Awesome reminds me of my younger days gone by. I miss the decor ideas from back them. Plus life seemed much slower with a lot more LOVE going all around everywhere we travelled. Thank for taking me 59 years!! Gordon Subject

  8. How refreshing to see some color in a home! Sometimes all the white, cream, neutral, etc. interiors with their minimalist decor is so boring and lacking in any personality whatsoever. Your kitchen is adorable, btw!

  9. Every time I see your photos I want to jump in and live inside. I don't know how anyone could ever be in a bad mood in your happy home. It's truly delightful! Yes, paint the hutch! I think you'll love it.

  10. A yellow hutch would be nice, but a red hutch would bring a big pop of color!

  11. Your home is so lovely and charming, Courtney...loving the green colors!

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  13. Your kitchen looks like a fabulous place! I like it very much! Hope that you will be taking special tutorials for us to teach something essential from your lessons!

  14. Love love your style. My kitchen is similar to yours. I’m always looking for inspiration. You definitely inspire me. I have that exact tablecloth. I love it so much that I found a similar one on Etsy and made it into a short valance for my kitchen window. Keep up the inspirations.

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  17. Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Just loved visiting your new holiday decor. So cheery and love the retro vibe. The whole thing made me smile. Might I ask the name of the color in your master bath? I have been adding accents of this color in my home this year and think it would be pretty in our master bath and maybe even the bedroom too. Thanks!

  19. Personally, I'd leave the hutch white, but liven it up with some cascading greenery and maybe prop up a colorful book or two. Like all the vintage decor. Very homey feeling!