December 8, 2018

Christmastime Fun in Snowy Vermont

I always wanted to visit Vermont during the holiday season and this year we finally made it happen. We've made a couple of trips to the Vermont Country Store, which although a major tourist destination, still manages to maintain its old time charm. But never at Christmas. We took a beautiful drive from our family's cabin in Upstate NY over the nearby Vermont border and the snowy trees were gorgeous. It was snowing on and off during our drive and felt like being in a real life snow globe.

We even passed by this lovely red and green building that I joked surely must have something to do with Santa Claus himself.
I mean, no one does Christmas quite like Vermont.
The Vermont Country Store was chock full of nostalgic Christmas items. It felt like stepping back in time and seeing all of my grandmother's holiday decor on display.
All of these items are available from their catalog and website but it is fun to see them in person.
Our youngest son is now officially the tallest. It's funny how life works like that and how I didn't pay so much attention to it until I saw it in his picture (the angle of the picture definitely accentuates it too). Having little boys is fun, but seeing them turn into men right before my eyes, each so different yet so alike too, has been the best part of being a mom.
I was so excited about my new pine tree sweater that I had to take a picture. I ordered it from Kiel James Patrick during the Black Friday sale and it was definitely a splurge but it felt so like me that Billy insisted that I order it as an early present from him. I'm so glad I listened! My mittens are handmade by Adirondack Mittens out of old wool sweaters. I met her at a craft show this summer but she also sells her products on Etsy.
I also spent a little time decorating the cabin for Christmas and I will share some pictures of that in my next post. I have been so focused on holiday decor that I have fallen behind in my present shopping and baking. How about you? Are you feeling well prepared? I am always in awe of those who have their holiday shopping done. Maybe next year I will be better about that...


  1. Loved this post, Courtney! Vermont really is magical in the winter and I am so glad you were there when it snowed. You and your family are adorable. How funny that your youngest is your tallest because we know my younger son will be the taller one if he keeps up at the pace he is growing. Love the sweater and mittens! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful post! Our youngest son is the tallest, 6’7”.

  3. Love this Courtney. Oh that town in Vermont looks so sweet and fun. I bet it felt like stepping back in time. I get the Vermont Country Store catalog and love all the things inside so I bet it was fun to see them in the shop. Your boys are getting so big and they are so handsome. I see both you and Billy in them. Love your cute sweater and mittens. Adorbs! Glad you had a good weekend away at the Cabin. Have fun starting your baking and getting more of your shopping done. This time of year goes way too fast.

  4. Oh I am drooling!! I just can’t even imagine Christmas in Vermont! Love your sweater Courtney! It is you!
    Yes those boys grow up... and it just gets better from here on out! I turned around and mine is 45! And so proud of the man, husband and father he turned out to be!
    Enjoy the holiday! Looking forward to the post on the cabin.
    Chris in West Texas

  5. Your sweater is so cute! Merry Christmas! I love the pictures of Vermont , I’ve never been there but it looks like Christmas time would be my favorite time to go. I can’t wait to see the cabin decked for the holidays!

  6. I friggin LOVE the Vermont Country Store!!! We used to do a girls' weekend at the Equinox in Manchester, and always spent time at the Vermont Country Store - I could get lost in there for hours!!

  7. It is so beautiful there...what a great outing! Love the family photos!

  8. So jealous that you went to the actual Vermont Country Store in person!! I always pour through every page of the catalog and would probably spend a ton of money if I saw everything in person. LOL Your mittens are so cute!

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  11. I loved this post, and always love seeing what’s new on your blog! I think often that if I met you, we’d be kindred spirits. It’s still in the 60’s here in Texas, so that trip to Vermont looks dreamy. The Vermont Country Store is on my bucket list, but that bookstore in one of the photos looked so cozy!