October 27, 2018

Our Fall Bedroom

Hello and Happy Weekend! We are expecting lots of rain and wind from a nor'easter here in NJ this weekend which meant huge lines at the grocery store today. Billy's new job has him working alternate weekends and this is his weekend to work. Last weekend, we got to see the last of the foliage in the Adirondacks and Vermont for this year and I will share more of that in my next post. This weekend, my big plans include a bit lot of deep cleaning in our house (ugh!) - in preparation both for the upcoming holidays and also a couple of photo shoots with professional photographers that will be happening soon (yikes!).

I am excited to share some pictures of our fall bedroom today. In the past, I feel like I rushed to put away the fall decor seemingly right as the leaves were turning their prettiest right outside the windows. So this year I am deliberately slowing down and enjoying the seasons as they naturally occur. I have never decorated our bedroom for fall before but I was inspired to do so by the new bedskirt I purchased from Ballard Designs. The small orange accent in the print seemed to beg for some more Autumn accents. I love the combo of mint green with orange for fall.
I recently picked up the "Pumpkins - Farm Fresh" sign that is hanging over the mantel shelf over our bed at our new local Home Sense store. Just what I needed - another TJX store! And this one is located right next to my favorite Trader Joe's so I find myself perusing through HomeSense waaaaayyyy more than I need.
Oh, and I should mention that I made that birch bark pumpkin on the bench when I was at the cabin last weekend. It's simply peeled birch bark that I gathered in the woods and then hot glued to paper mache pumpkins from the craft store. It was a fun little project and I wished I had more than two pumpkins to cover. That will definitely be on the agenda for next fall.
The chandelier over our bed is a new addition to this space. It previously hung in our dining room, then got relegated to storage in our basement when we replaced it with a new one- and now found a new home in our bedroom. My husband sacrificed his beloved ceiling fan for this change so I'm not quite certain if it will be permanent yet.
The window seat in our bedroom is truly one of my favorite spots in our home. I added a few fall pillows here too. I also replaced the caged light that is usually over the window seat with the mason jar "chandelier" full of collected fall items that I made for over our kitchen island a couple of years back.
So tell me, are you still enjoying your fall decor or looking forward to switching over to Christmas? I am definitely planning Christmas in my head, but I am also planning on enjoying these last few weeks leading into Thanksgiving. Because once winter gets here, I know it will seemingly last forever so I am trying not to rush this beautiful time of year.


  1. I am trying not to rush it either! Your room looks gorgeous all dressed for fall. What a cute idea with the birch on the pumpkin! I also love the jars with the leaves. How exciting that you will be having your home photographed! Can't wait to hear more about that. I guess this will be a weekend of inside activities. The rain and wind has already started and I just noticed my deck is covered with wet leaves. Enjoy your cozy weekend!

  2. I have been thinking about Christmas and plan to go through my stash and organize. But I am trying not to rush Fall. I am concentrating on the Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table. I want it to be really special this year when our granddaughter comes home from college.
    I love that bright orange pillow on the bed. It reminds me of the smocked pillow everyone was making in the 60’s. I know my mom made several. And your pumpkins from the birch bark....what a great idea! My son has birch trees, I have to show him what you made!
    Stay warm!
    Chris W Tx

  3. I have been following your blog for a couple of years and love to see your creative design ideas. I feel the same way you do about not rushing Autumn and enjoying every moment. I really like what you have done with your bedroom. Pillows are a great way to totally change up the look of any room. Also, love all your family pics and the goldens are adorable! Looking forward to seeing what you do for the holidays. Good luck with the photo shoot - how exciting!

  4. We have such a short fall season so I love to savor the time too. We just got home from a weekend away in Michigan and the trees were at peak and just beautiful. We found a cute cottage to hang out in and I loved celebrating fall there. Your bedroom is killer and soooooo pretty.

  5. Such a pretty room! Autumn is my favourite time of year! ���� I don't decorate much but for the past couple of years I've decorated the entryway of our home. Just a couple of candles, pumpkins, books and a beautiful wreath from Home Sense too. I love reading your blog and seeing your lovely home. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the photo shoot X

  6. This is such a lovely space, Courtney...I love the bedskirt and that smocked pillow! Looking forward to hearing more about the photo shoots!

  7. Thank you for letting us use your fall bedroom photograph as inspiration for this month's Pinterest Challenge! Love how you've decorated your bedroom at this point in time. <3

    Barb :)