March 28, 2018

Some Spring...Finally

Hello! It has been so difficult to get myself motivated to add any spring touches to our home this month because it has still felt completely like winter. And looked like winter too. But one sunny day last week - following a pretty large snowstorm, I took these pictures to share with you all. Just try not to be too distracted by the snow outside the windows. The good news is it is almost completely melted now. And I can hear the birds chirping as I type this so there is hope for spring in NJ yet.
I added some white touches to the copper pots that hang on our DIY pot rack to lighten things up for spring. I have been having fun styling that pot rack with the seasons.
I picked up the white metal basket at HomeGoods recently that now sits on the center of our island - I think it is perfect for spring, especially with some spring flowers added.
Over the sink, I added a small wreath and a farmer's market dish towel, both from recent finds from HomeGoods. Speaking of HomeGoods, we are finally getting a HomeSense near our house and it is right next door to my other favorite, Trader Joe's. I-Can't-Wait!!
I picked up the "I love you a bushel and a peck" sign at TJ Maxx and now we all walk around the house singing it. Have you seen the State Farm commercial that uses that song - with the young couple fixing up a house while their toddler crawls around the mess? Totally our lives when our boys were younger! Love that commercial!!
Keeper (AKA Sprout-yup, she still has the sprout of fur on top of her head) decided to make a rare appearance for the spring photos. I think she was getting tired of Dax getting all of the attention! She's suddenly had a resurgence of energy lately and we are enjoying it.
It's hard to believe that Easter is already this Sunday. We will be enjoying brunch at my brother's house and then relaxing for the rest of the day. I am looking forward to spending some family time together over our spring break from school next week. We lost one day of break because of all of the snow days this year, but fortunately they have turned that into a virtual day so the kids can work from home (or wherever they may be traveling to for spring break) on their laptops. Aaah, the wonders of modern technology. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
And finally, it seems to have become somewhat of a tradition for me to end the post with a smile from Dax (along with one from my oldest son too). Happy Spring!


  1. Courtney, I know it has been a rough winter. My granddaughter at Seton Hall is ready to come back to Texas for some blue skies and sunshine! Had you not said there was snow outside the window I would have never known, the sunshine looked springy! Love your touches of spring and the bushel and a peck sign. I had not seen the commercial, it is adorable! I also love the way you leaned the dough bowl on the mantel with the 2 plants inside. Why didn’t I think of that! I may steal that idea. Give those smiling Golden’s a hug and kiss for me.
    Chris Wells. Texas

  2. Love all your spring touches Courtney. You would never know you had snow outside with all that glorious sun shining in. And always love the pictures of the Goldens.

  3. Oh Courtney I always love to see pictures of your beautiful home. So bright and cheerful and comfy. Love all the spring touches. Your son and Dax look so cute together. Have a great Easter.

  4. Your home is so cozy and beautiful. Love all the spring touches throughout.

  5. I’m always so excited for a new post on your blog! Love your spring touches! What is a Home Sense store?

  6. As always, I love your home, Courtney!!! Isn't it great to see the snow melting and hear the birds singing? I started my post the same way today, we are kindred spirits no doubt!! We are supposed to get rain today and I hope it washes away a ton of the snow off my deck - I'd love to see my swing and herb boxes again! Happy Easter, my friend!

  7. Such a beautiful, beautiful home! The kitchen is really something special. Happy Spring!

  8. No spring for us, Courtney! (Said in my best soup Nazi voice��)

    The House looks beautiful as the bunny pillow!
    Enjoy spring break������


  9. Your kitchen looks beautiful and I love those new chairs! I let myself get talked in to doing mine in white and now that I see yours I want to cry. (Do you want to trade?) My original gut instinct was to go black but when the sales woman brought black ones over to try, they just seemed too dark. I guess I am happy with the white but sometimes I walk in there and the contrast seems to be too much. Anyway, I love the ways yours look and I always love how you decorate for the seasons!


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