September 29, 2017

Our Fall Kitchen

Happy Friday! I am thrilled that we will be experiencing some cooler fall temperatures this weekend. I always find myself contentedly back in my kitchen at this time of year. Adding in some warm colors with the gorgeous syrupy golden light that fills this space in fall makes my heart sing.
The triple windows over our farm sink are probably my favorite part of our home. I enjoy adding a new dish towel or two and even using dish towels as curtains, as I did this year. These are small purchases that go a long way in changing up this space.

Because I enjoy cooking, this is a working kitchen. Not a showplace kitchen. I have come to learn that you can either have a pristine kitchen that is worthy of a magazine spread...or a messy kitchen that nurtures a family. I whole heartedly choose the latter. 
Another new addition to my fall kitchen is a cast iron pumpkin pot. I have had my eye on the Staub version of this pot for years at Williams Sonoma but could never bring myself to pay the hefty price tag. I was thrilled to find a similar pot at Christmas Tree Shops for a fraction of the price. I will proudly display in on the range throughout the fall.
 For me, it's all about the little touches that make a house feel like home.
I am so glad you stopped by to see my fall kitchen. My last fall decor post will include the dining room and living space on this level of our home.


  1. Just beautiful... love this time of year... I especially love bringing some fall "Inside" .. as we live here in the Sunshine State... ummmmmm.... little to no change in seasons....:) it's fun to decorate on the porch and inside!! thank you for sharing !!!

  2. Looking so pretty Courtney. Love your fall kitchen. Your home looks so cozy for fall.

  3. Your home is so lovely, Courtney...I love your kitchen window, too! I know your family loves being in that is so warm, cozy , and welcoming! Your cast iron pumpkin is so fun!

  4. What a sweet kitchen!! I love it! Not over the top, but just enough fall charm! Where did you get your fall kitchen towels?

  5. Looks lovely! My eyes are drawn to the colorful mug you use for your Kitchen scrubbers. Who makes it?
    Dish towels used as curtains are a fun idea.

  6. Hi Courtney. Your kitchen looks so pretty as it does in every season. That cake looks beautiful and yummy..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  7. I enjoyed the tour of your kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

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