December 22, 2015

A Christmas Weekend at the Cabin

It's beginning to look a lot like....April?  We spent last weekend at our family's cabin in the mountains and the weather was balmy and not at all winter-like.  If there is anything this year has taught me, it is not to get upset about things outside of my control.  So we went with it and enjoyed the spring-like weather.  But that didn't stop us from adding a few holiday touches to the house.
Natural rustic and affordable holiday decor in a mountain cabin -

The warm weather made walking around the property to find a Christmas tree very pleasant.  We found one we liked and we (meaning Billy) dragged it back to the house.
Cutting down the Christmas tree -
Then, Billy trimmed it up.  It is hard to find a fuller tree that is growing in such a natural place so trimming is key.  We kept the middle, fullest part of the tree and chopped off the top and bottom.  Our oldest son had to stay home in NJ this weekend because he is busy selling Christmas trees for a local farm.  
Cutting down the Christmas tree -
After spending so much time on our home tour at home, and then decorating my mom's house as well, you would think we would be Christmas decor-ed out, but we really enjoyed decorating here most.  I think we spent about $10 total and it felt good to use such simple and natural decorations.
Rustic Christmas living room with brick fireplace and Garnet Hill down throws -
As much as we would love to wake up here in Christmas morning, we stay in NJ for a few reasons. One, we really enjoy our Christmas mornings at home, where we have the same traditions year after year.  Also, we like to spend time with extended family on Christmas Eve.  Oh yeah, and there is Billy's crazy work schedule as a police officer to consider.  He is working Christmas Day this year but he is off Christmas Eve. After 22+ years of living with his working holidays, I just pray he makes it home safe.
Vintage potato chip can with fresh cut greens as holiday Christmas decor -
I mentioned that we spent under $10.  We used a spool of ribbon from HomeGoods that was $5.  The Shiny Brite ornaments were a $1 garage sale find.   My youngest boy and I made the owl ornaments from a kit from PaperSource.  Our only other ornaments are pine cones we found around the house. Everything else was stuff we already had.
Elf on the Shelf memory game and canoe with dominos in cabin decorated for Christmas -
Fresh greens and ribbon to decorate a wood log holder for Christmas -
Have you gotten into the latest trend of adult coloring books?  I am new to it and find it so relaxing. The Premier Prismacolor Colored Pencils are my favorites to color with so far.  I am hoping Santa brings me a larger assortment of colors :)
Adult coloring book and Prismacolor colored pencils -
Cabin in the mountains decorated for the holidays with natural Christmas decor -
The fireplace in the dining area isn't the prettiest, but it does keep the house toasty warm when if the colder weather arrives.
Rustic brick fireplace -
And when we were done decorating, we went for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  It always feels so great to slow down and enjoy time with family at this busy time of year.  This was our first trip up without Forrest so it was a pretty emotional weekend for us as well.  Oh, how we miss our Forrest.
Minerva Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY -
Keeper was confused as to why we wouldn't let her go swimming.  It really felt more like spring.
I hope you enjoyed a peak at our favorite place and that you are enjoying the holiday season!!  Just a few more sleeps until the big day...


  1. What an amazing little slice of heaven you have there! It looks so beautiful & relaxing. The simple, natural Christmas decor looks wonderful! It brought a tear to my eye to read about Forrest =(( I'm a dog person and know how hard it is to lose a loved furry part of the family. Wishing your family a very Merry Christmas and praying for your Husband and ALL police officers working hard on Christmas. -Jen

    1. Thanks Jen! Especially for your kind words about understanding about losing a pet. It is so hard :( A very Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!!

  2. What a lovely weekend! Your cabin is wonderful...a perfect getaway spot. My husband is off Christmas Eve and works Christmas, too...over the years you just learn to work with it, don't you? I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and blessed 2016!

  3. This is just too sweet. I'm sorry that Forrest couldn't be there, it looks like you had a peaceful weekend. I'll be thinking about your husband and all the other police officers/army who protect us. "Thanks" to him and your family for sharing him. :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you for thinking of all who protect us. It means everything to them (and their families too :)! We sure do miss Forrest :( I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas too!!

  4. What a wonderful cabin & a great place to get away & rejoice in the beauty of it all!
    Peace to you & your family this Christmas & Happy & Healthy 2016!

  5. Hi Courtney,
    So fun that you could cut down your own sweet tree for the cabin. Glad you will be home and enjoy your traditions on Christmas Eve. I totally get the working men in our lives being gone for most of the holidays. So when they are home it means so much. Enjoy enjoy. Our firefighters and nurses are off both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. That is the best present I got this year. This never happens so I am cherishing this year's time with family all together. Have a wonderful Christmas even with it feeling like Easter lol!

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, Courtney! My nephew is graduating from the police academy in NYC shortly and I'll be the nervous auntie praying for his safety. Thank your hubby for his years of service protecting the community!