July 22, 2015

Life Changes in an Instant

Hello friends. I have tried to write this post many times in my mind, but today I hope I find the strength to type it out and actually hit publish. On July 4, we celebrated my mom's 70th birthday with a bbq at my brother's lake house. She was feeling great and I remarked to her that I hope I could jump in & out of a boat with as much ease as she could when I turn 70. Two days later, while spending time at the Jersey Shore with friends, she suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke. Just like that, our whole world tilted.

She was in the hospital for 3 days in ICU followed by 5 days in a step down unit. She is currently in a rehab center working very hard to regain her life. She still remains paralyzed on her right side and she cannot speak at all. I am struggling to find balance between being there for my mom and being a mom to my 3 boys. We are taking things one day at a time. It is hard.

I hope to have life return to some sort of a new normal soon. Until then, I will be taking a break from blogging, other than a couple of things I was previously committed to. If you can spare a few thoughts & prayers for my mom, they would be greatly appreciated. xo Courtney