January 20, 2015

Winter Family Room

Without a doubt, our family room gets the most use in the winter.  We probably spend as much time in here in January-March as we do the rest of the whole year combined.  This is where we hibernate by the fire on those frigid cold days.   
Corner stone fireplace in winter family

For Christmas, we had covered the plaid chairs that flank the fireplace with white slipcovers.  While I enjoyed that look, I missed my cozy plaid chairs.  So we removed the slipcovers as we put the tree away.  I am sure the slipcovers will make an appearance again, but for now the plaid adds a cozy feel that warms up the room during these cold months.
Corner stone fireplace in winter family
I decided to leave the vintage skis next to the fireplace for the winter.  I have been shopping for some new throw pillow for these chairs.  I love the look of Kilim pillow covers and I am considering a couple of these from Grandin Road.  What do you think?  I haven't been able to decide which 2 to order.
Kilim throw pillows from Grandin
I am loving the eclectic feel the new Kattrup rug from Ikea adds to this seating area.  Since we bought it back in November, we had the white slipcovers.  But I like the way it looks with the plaid chairs too.
Corner stone fireplace with plaid chairs and Ikea Kattrup
I purchased the white throw with the vintage skis and sleds from Garnet Hill in their Christmas clearance and it has quickly become a favorite in our house.  It is fluffy and warm and perfect to snuggle under to read a book by the fire.  Or to take a nap on the couch.
Plaid chair by stone
Vintage sled and skis throw from Garnet Hill on plaid chair by stone
Console table in family
Basket on ottoman in front of
Speaking of naps on the couch, that is exactly what Keeper was doing when I took these pictures.
I thought it was funny that she feel asleep next to Matthew's Golden-opoly game.
Golden retriever sleeping on brown leather sofa by Golden-poly
We are enjoying our winter themed gallery wall and I am glad it took us through Christmas and beyond.  I may remove the red deer head soon because it feels a bit holiday-ish to me, but it can stay a bit longer until I find something to replace it with.
Winter themed gallery wall on DIY planked
I added a plaid picture matte to this snowy picture of the boys.  When I was in Pottery Barn picking up a few last minute items the week before Christmas, I noticed some plaid mattes in their picture frames.  As the cashier was putting my purchases into a pretty plaid bag, I realized that I could create the same look using the bag.  When I got home, I simply traced the frame's white matte onto the bag and cut it out to create a new plaid matte for my frame. 
Total cost: $0.
Plaid photo matte created from Pottery Barn
Finally, I am happy to report that the boxwood wreaths I made recently are holding up well.  My hope was that they would last through the holidays and they did.  Although they are dry to the touch, they still look great so I think I will leave the up a while longer.
DIY boxwood wreaths on white planked
Happy hibernating!!


  1. What a lovely, cosy, warm room - Looks beautiful - especially with the snoozing Keeper !

  2. Love it all! Always enjoy looking at your eye candy!

  3. I really love your family room. Your beautiful plaid chairs just say warmth and cozy next to the fireplace. Of course no cozy room would be complete without a golden retriever sleeping comfortably!

    1. I agree, Jeanette. A sleeping golden by the fire makes a house a home :)

  4. Very cozy. I really love your house posts. They are so encouraging that you can have a pretty house along with kids and dogs!!!

    1. I am so glad you enjoy my posts. Thank you for letting me know!!
      Have a great day,

  5. Your room is lovely and so warm looking. I just shared our neutral living room for winter and I am really loving yours with all the pretty warm plaids and woods. I moved our red and black check pillows to the basement tv room and I am keeping my eyes peeled for more plaid blankets. Keeper is beautiful and how fun to have that version of Monopoly. We have Horseopoly lol.

  6. Love the plaid matte you made for your picture, Courtney! Even better that it was free! : ) I just love your plaid chairs and they look so comfortable, too. Maybe you will do the white slipcovers for the warmer months, but I agree, that the plaid gives the warm and cozy look that is so welcoming during the cold months.

  7. Courtney I NEED to come sit in those lovely plaid { which is my fav } chairs & kick back by the gorgeous fireplace!!


  8. Courtney, love the plaid chairs. They add just the right touch of comfort in your warm and cozy room. Keeper can attest to that!. I was just admiring those pillows today in their new catalog..Happy Tuesday..Judy