August 8, 2014

World Market Comes to NJ

Farm sink with World Market Fresh Baked pies
When we were on vacation on the beginning of July, I was looking at Instagram and saw a post from Shelly at Calypso in the Country saying that she was with her adorable boys at a new World Market in NJ.  Say what!?!  We haven't had a World Market anywhere near our neck of the woods before and this was practically the best news I had this summer so far.  In the past, I have ordered a couple of things from their website.   Like this side table in our master bedroom.

And this mug rack in our kitchen.
World Market mug rack with colander hung on Command Adhesive
I have always been happy with my purchases, but there is nothing like being able to visit an actual store and see the products,  The new store is located in Livingston, NJ, which is about 40 minutes from our house.  But, it happens to be -sort of- on the way to my mom's house.  So, on my first trip to her house, we had to stop.  I had my youngest guy with me and he's not the most patient shopper, but I did manage to bribe him with some candy and look around a bit.  I have admired this "fresh baked pies" sign on the World Market website, so that ended up in my cart.  I hung it in the window over the farm sink.
Farm sink with World Market Fresh Baked pies
And now my boys keep asking me just when those fresh baked pies are going to show up.  I haven't really been in a pie baking mood, but I did manage to put together some mini blueberry galettes that the Pioneer Woman posted.  They were de-lish!  And so easy with store bought pie dough.
Pioneer Woman's mini blueberry
I saw a few other things at World Market that I would like to check out, but I think I will wait until September to return when I can browse to my heart's content.  Do you like to shop at World Market?  Do you have any favorites from that store?  


  1. Yay - you got to check it out! Thanks for the mention Courtney! I know what you mean about shopping with boys...I didn't get much accomplished that day. Maybe we can meet up for a shopping day once the kids are back in school. I think we can do some serious damage there!

  2. We have one about 20 minutes from us and it's fun! Right now I have the mug drying rack in a sack here at home - can't decide if it's a keeper or not. I'm so weird about having much stuff on the counters but it's so dang cute!

  3. I usually head for the food section of our local World Market. I have also found a few needed items in the cooking section. A few years ago our teen daughter found a pair of sandals in the clearance section for 99 cents! She wore them so much she wore them out.

  4. I had no idea there was one in jersey! But, Livingston is still a bit too far from T'fly - so I doubt I'll get out that way. Enjoy the browsing, looking forward to see what other goodies you pick up!


    1. Thanks Gena! I agree, it is a bit of a hike from Bergen County, but if you ever find yourself in the Livingston area it is worth stopping.