March 26, 2014

Spring Mantel (& Family Room)

This past weekend, I finally got around to adding some Spring touches to our stone fireplace.  Now, we just need Spring to stick around in these parts.  It feels wrong to have a fire burning with bunnies on the mantel :)

spring mantel stone fireplace with rabbit sign and white

I purchased the wooden Rabbit sign at Christmas Tree Shops.  I added some faux greenery to our white pitchers.   The white lantern is borrowed from our patio.  I turned our books around to lighten their look and used them to add some height to the space.   The topiary ball is added to one of our everyday cereal bowls.

Rabbit bunny sign on spring

spring mantel with stone

spring mantel with stone

The rabbit pillow was a very affordable find at $8.99 from Christmas Tree Shops.  My mom gave me the ceramic rabbits with umbrellas years ago.  She bought them at a local flower shop.

Bunny rabbit throw

brown leather sofa with quilt and gallery

Topiary and candles on console for

Spring console table with Target Threshold glass
Now, we just need some spring temperatures to last for more than a day or two.


  1. Your mantel and the sitting area looks great! The spring touches are perfect. I've been hearing about The Christmas Tree store forever but we don't have them here in Texas. I actually went to one in New York and it was fun!

  2. So comfortable & homey! Does the Christmas Shop sell items for all the holidays?
    Ann R.

    1. Thanks Ann! Yes, Christmas Tree Shop sells things for all holidays, as well as lots of household items. It is definitely a fun place to shop.

    2. Thanks Courtney for the info! I will definitely check this out!

  3. Looks beautiful Courtney! I have to pull out some of my bunnies from the basement. So cute and so springy. Now let's get some spring weather. It's raining here at the moment but I think we are supposed to get up in the 50s.