December 12, 2013

Turning Tablecloths into Window Treatments

tablecloth turned into drapery window
I always found purchasing drapes, especially for the very large window in our living room, to be daunting.  They cost a fortune and I love to change decor with the seasons, so choosing the right material that would work year round felt impossible.  I like to change things up way too often to invest in expensive window treatments.  Our home isn't formal by any means, so why not use tablecloths as window treatments?  The dimensions of an 84" tablecloth make them a great length for our ceiling height.  If your ceilings are higher (lucky!), then just buy a longer tablecloth.  Another plus is that tablecloths are typically very washable, so it is easy to keep these clean.

The first time I did this was this past Spring when I saw a botanical print tablecloth at Target and thought the fabric would make great window coverings.  A quick check of the dimensions told me it might possibly work so I grabbed 2 tablecloths and clipped them on.  They stayed up through the Spring and Summer.

Target tablecloth used as drapery window

When I was planning out our Christmas decor, I came across these tablecloths at Christmas Tree Shop.  I love red and white check, especially during the holidays, but they make a bold statement and I don't think I would want them year round.  However, for the grand total of $14, they were perfect to use just for the holidays.

red and white check tablecloth used as

*One more quick tip I learned from a window treatment professional at JCPenney a few years ago when I was purchasing some drapery panels.  She told me that if you are using the drapery clips, to first "pinch pleat" the fabric before you clip it.  Basically, you just fold the fabric into 2 pleats with your fingers and then clip it.  It couldn't be more simple and makes a huge difference in how the fabric hangs.  Here's a close up...

pinch pleats red and white check draperies with drapery

I love the casual and festive vibe these "drapes" have added to our living room this season.  This room is open to our kitchen, so the red and white check is great for this space.

red and white check

Next time you spy a tablecloth you like, maybe consider using it as a window treatment!

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  1. Awesome tip Courtney! I read years ago about using fabric shower curtains this way since they measure 72x72....I bought York brand from Piper Classics online....spent about $80 for one huge window in my family room. They have been perfect AND cost effective! Thanks for sharing!
    Ann R.

    1. Great idea, Ann! Time for me to start looking at shower curtains as well :)

  2. Love it! Can I ask where you got your Sleigh Bells Ring pillow?

  3. Well, if that don't beat all! Thank you so much for this idea. I have been wanting new curtains but just couldn't afford them. Now I can!!!

  4. These look amazing Courtney - I love the red and white. Your whole room looks amazing - can't wait to take the whole tour (I've been so busy I'm just catching up)! Pinning:)

  5. This is such a cute project. I hope you will share on Thank Goodness It's Thursday at - the party is live now

  6. That is a great idea. I have used sheets in the past but I will definitely look at tablecloths with a different eye. Love your home. Alaina

  7. This is such a great idea and since I can't sew, even more practical for me! I love the red checks. I have a red check towel in my kitchen for Christmas and I love how festive it makes the space!


  8. Very Nice Post.
    what a great use for such a lovely window curtains and drapes.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I have been making curtains out of tablecloths and sheets for years. Even shower curtains. It is a very economical idea and I have had some beautiful and chic curtains for a few dollars and very little sewing. They are much cheaper than yardage materials or store bought curtains.

  10. yes Anonymous I have as well.. I made most of my decorative shower curtains out of tablecloths because I like them longer than 72 inches..I just put up 2 tension rods inner one for the liner.. I came up with that idea when i couldn't find longer ones and bonus as they are already hemmed didn't need to get out my sewing machine.