April 17, 2020

Hello from NJ and Some Spring Decor

Hello friends! I have received many lovely messages asking for more blog posts and you all have convinced me to take the time to put some thoughts together here once again. Thank you for that encouragement and for checking in with me. I had been posting much more regularly on Instagram but have hit pause on that over last couple of weeks mainly because I don't want to minimize this difficult time in any way. So many are struggling in so many ways, whether it be with health, finances or emotional well-being. I have many conflicting emotions and thoughts every single day and posting pictures of our home feels a bit insensitive and frivolous compared to the work that our friends who are health care workers and first responders are doing. Here in Bergen County, NJ, just across the Hudson River from NYC, we are fighting a fire that is still raging with this pandemic. So far, thankfully, our family has remained well. My husband continues to go to work (he's a retired police officer who works in security for the state) and our son volunteers as a firefighter in 2 towns. We are being as careful as possible to limit any other exposure but these are stressful times indeed and it is overwhelming to think about how different out lives will remain for the foreseeable future.

With all that in mind, we are all spending more time in our homes than ever before. I had decorated and photographed our home for Spring before this all began so I have some pictures to share with you. I hope they add even a small amount of brightness to your day. Let's start in the kitchen today and then I will put together a few more posts that include the other spaces in our home.
Farmhouse sink in cottage style kitchen with spring decor -