June 23, 2015

Summer Changes in our Living Room & Entryway

My boys will finally be beginning their summer vacation tomorrow.  Thanks to a rough winter, there were several days tacked on to the end of the school year and they have definitely not been happy about that.    
Living Room with striped drapes and Ikea

I recently made a few changes to lighten things up in our upstairs living room.  First off, I moved the furniture to an arrangement that leaves more open floor space.  I prefer to keep things more open   during the summer when the kids are home more.  Things feel less cluttered this way.  Or, I should say, it takes a bit longer for it to feel unbearably cluttered :)
Living Room with striped drapes and Ikea
I added a couple of pops of green with 2 new throw pillow covers from Ikea.  All of the other throw pillows are from my "collection" in the basement.
Ethan Allen accent chair in summer family
Unfortunately, peony season is just about over, but I took advantage and filled our house with peonies during their peak bloom.
Peonies in living
Our up-the-stairs gallery wall has a blank space where a white ampersand used to be.  Yet another casualty in my crazy house with 3 active boys.  Note to self: must find a replacement.  I had completely forgotten about it until I was editing these pictures.
Ikea stocksund chair and Hemnes hack coffee
I am still campaigning to replace this sofa with something that is of a smaller scale.  Everyone else in my house wants this comfy one to stay.  Including the dogs, who both consider this couch their perfect napping spot.
Sleeping golden retriever on Ikea
In our entryway, I changed up the chalkboard art a bit.  I printed out one of my favorite "home" sayings and transferred it to our chalkboard.
Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Everything looks so light and airy, Courtney. Your kids get out of school even later than mine. Our last day was Friday and obviously mine couldn't be happier! Nothing in the world like summer vacation, huh? Enjoy!

  2. Courtney,
    It is so bright and comfy and open. Hope the boys will have a good summer. Enjoy sleeping in lol!

  3. Nice changes:-)
    The dog on the sofa - love it:-)
    I wonder whether your dogs leave the sofa if you want to sit on it.

  4. Cute & fresh & I loveeee the green pillows!! & I can't believe they are just now getting out of school...that's a bit extreme..poor kids. :/ Have a great rest of the week Courtney !


  5. I think you did a great job of summerizing your home! Bright pillows really do it---I think I need to see what I have stashed downstairs as well. I lean towards white and beige...not so good year round. :(

    I love your sofa! My dogs love mine as well. I have throws everywhere! The chair you have has been on my bucket list forever...I see it everywhere-on Birch Lane and Pottery Barn...sort of low and deep. I ended up choosing two chairs from my daughter's shop and I love them, the others would never have fit right in my den. But still, I love yours!!! The sign is cute and I have to say, I see the "&" everywhere!!! You'll find it again.

    Happy Summer! The kids are out in abundance in our neighborhood! ;-)

    Jane x

  6. Courtney, I like your new arrangement and the pillow colors look great. The peonies are so beautiful and I'm so glad that none of your colors clash with that sweet golden..Happy Thursday..Judy

  7. Courtney, just beautiful as always. I love the lighter look for summer and I love how you are able to use your accessories for each season.....something I struggle with.....

  8. Courtney just want dot pop by and say hi and that hope you and your boys are enjoying the summer! I realized I had not seen you around in awhile so I wanted to check in.

  9. Hiya,

    Just stopping by to ask about the sofas. How are they holding up? Honestly. I really like them and I see you have a doggy too. Just wondering if you would recommend them. I'll definitely be reading your blog now that I know about it.


    1. Hi Lura,
      Thanks so much for stopping by! The Ikea sofa and chair have held up very well. We have had the sofa for close to 10 years now. It is actually moving to our basement soon and will be replaced by a new sofa from Birch Lane, but my kids want it in our finished basement. It is VERY comfy. The chair is about a year old now and I still love it. Hope that helps!

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