April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

Signs of spring are finally everywhere.  We have been excitedly preparing for Easter Sunday.  Our Easter preparations always include a trip to the neighborhood near where I grew up.  I received a chocolate Easter bunny from Genevieve's Home Made Chocolates in Garfield, NJ every year and now my kids do too.  It's a holiday tradition for us and I hope this store never closes.  The chocolate is, by far, the best I have ever tasted.  Godiva?  No thanks.  For us, it's always been about Genevieve's and I love supporting a small family business.  The shop is always filled with customers from miles and miles around who, like us, return to the old neighborhood for their holiday chocolate.

I love picking a bunny for each of my kids based on what they are "into" that year.  In years past, they have gotten a chocolate bunny in a car (for the year my son got his driver permit), a baseball glove, and even a chocolate chicken.  So fun!
Billy is working during the day on Easter, but we will head to my brother and sister-in-law's house for Easter dinner.  Can't wait!
Happy spring holiday!!


  1. Courtney, what a wonderful candy store and I love the ideas of your "personal" chocolate bunnies The tulips are so pretty and colorful...Happy Easter to you..Judy

  2. Your table looks beautiful. Happy Easter to you and your sweet family. Enjoy.

  3. Courtney...... I love your Easter bunny tradition! Your boys will always remember and look forward to their easter bunnies!!!! Happy Easter!

  4. What a great idea for the bunny! This year I would definitely be buying a skiing bunny for my kids...or Clash of Clans - lol. Hope you had a nice Easter!

  5. Wow Courtney, as a Bergen county girl all my life I have never been to Genevieve's. It's so close to my house I have to check it out. I have to say I was trying to be good and I didn't have not one jelly bean or chocolate in the house. If it's there it calls me till I finish it all by myself. Hope you had a beautiful Easter!