October 2, 2017

Fall Dining and Living Room

Happy October! Today I am sharing the rest of the fall decor in our home. I already shared our kitchen and family room and now we are in the dining/living area of our open floor plan home.

This gallery wall with hooks and wire basket serves as a landing spot for many items in our home. Please excuse the scuff marks on the stairs and the stickers on my son's door at the end of the hallway. Confession - a couple of years ago I would have photoshopped those things out - but I am so over that level of perfection. A real family does live here :)
This stairway truly is grand central station in our home so I enjoy having it display items that reflect all of us as a family.
I made the pallet sign that is hanging over the faux fireplace a few years back and added some Target Dollar Spot pumpkins to complete the mantel. 
I am loving the small $1 pumpkins - thank you, Target! My husband, Billy, just shook his head when I loaded up the entire front section of my red cart with them. They were an easy and cheap affordable way to update my fall decor with their light colors. I had to add in a few orange pumpkins though because I just can't do all neutrals for fall. For me, fall is all about the golden light and warm colors.
 I am never quite sure what to call this sitting area just off of our kitchen. It is technically the dining room but we have flip-flopped dining and living rooms because a formal living room just didn't fit in with our family's lifestyle. My kids often sit on this sofa with their computers while I am in the kitchen.
These DIY-ed open shelves separate the living and dining areas. We have a sort of coffee bar set up in this location that serves us well.
The big Autumn wreath has found a spot in our front window for at least the last 5 years.
More Dollar Spot pumpkins and dried hydrangea from our yard make up our dining table centerpiece.
The "thankful" runner is yet another Dollar Spot find.
Thanks for visiting our Autumn home! 


  1. Courtney, your home looks so beautiful! I always love to see how you style everything. You have so many fun pieces for fall and you make them all work so well together. Love it all!

  2. Always so cozy and beautiful Courtney. Happy New Week.

  3. Your autumn home looks beautiful, Courtney...I am always inspired! Love your pretty mantel!

  4. I love your home in every season, Courtney!! So cozy, and you can obviously see you love your home and your family!!

  5. The mantel is so gorgeous~ What a great house tour! Thank you for sharing! I really like the decoration!
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  6. The whole place is looking beautiful, but I simply love love love the stairs!