April 27, 2013

Spring Around the House Featuring Target Tablecloths as Curtains

Spring has finally arrived and it is such a welcome sight!  Here in NJ, this winter felt everlasting and the warm sun feels especially refreshing this year.

Now that our bathroom project is complete, I've been lightening things up around the rest of the house.  I was in Target last week (why yes, I am in Target every week day), and I loved these tablecloths.  Thing is, with 3 boys, fabric tablecloths don't last longer than a day without needing to be washed.  I knew I had seen tablecloths used as drapes on Pinterest, so I thought I would try it.  Here is a close up of the fabric...

Target tablecloth used a curtain panel via

April 23, 2013

Master Bathroom {pedestal tub, white subway tile, carrera}

April 5, 2013

Master Bath Preview

We are still working on the bathroom.  Yes, it is taking forever but it will be well worth it and we are almost there.  Here's a little preview...
Vanity is in!