April 22, 2016

Spring Containers for the Garden

Hello and welcome to Farmhouse Friday, when I team up with a group of fabulous bloggers who share a love of farmhouse style. Today, we are talking about garden planters for flowers. This time of year, I love adding a few containers to add color to our early spring landscape.  Here in NJ, we are finally enjoying a taste of spring warmth.

April 15, 2016

Latest Find - New Console Table

Pottery Barn Tivoli console table on diy plank shiplap gallery wall -
Last weekend, Billy and I took a road trip to the nearest Pottery Barn Outlet, which isn't very near to us at all. The only PB outlet within driving distance to us is all the way out on Long Island in New York, which means crossing either the George Washington Bridge or Tappan Zee, passing through the Bronx & Queens (lots of traffic almost always) and out to Long Island. It's a trek that takes over an hour, but since I had a couple of Pottery Barn credits burning a hole in my pocket, we took the trip.
Pottery Barn Tivoli console table on diy plank shiplap gallery wall -

April 8, 2016

Wall Planking Tutorial

DIY wall planking tutorial using paneling to look like shiplap -
Today's post is long overdue and a part of my spring cleaning on this blog.  Let me start by apologizing to those who have been asking for this tutorial for a while.  There are so many tutorials out there that I thought nobody would really care about how we planked our walls! Truth be told, we are the "fly by the seat of our pants" sort of DIYers.  Usually I get some crazy idea and then Billy and I both do a bit of research on how we can accomplish it affordably. I fell in love with planked walls long before the HGTV Fixer Upper shiplap explosion. I think the first planked walls I saw that made me consider adding some to my home belonged to Layla from The Lettered Cottage.  I just adore Layla's style (who doesn't, right?)!  I loved the way they looked in a cottage, but could I really add them to a 1950's split level??  Well, we did.  And we love it.  And as my husband has told me time and again, there is always spackle if I change my mind.  We have removed more than our fair share of paneling and wall paper in our own 3 fixer uppers, so removing this wall planking wouldn't be the end of the world.  The good news is, I don't plan on removing any planking anytime soon.  Instead, I keep visualizing places to add it.

April 4, 2016

A Meaningful Piece of Jewelry (Gift Idea!)

When it comes to choosing jewelry that I love, I follow the same school of thought that I do when designing rooms.  Less is usually more and I choose pieces with meaning.  I have always been drawn to lockets. Much like a gallery wall in a home, a locket tells the story of the person who is wearing it. When Monica Rich Kosann asked me if I would like to write about one of her gorgeous lockets, I jumped at the chance.  Yes, please!