October 14, 2019

Fall at the Cabin

Hello friends! I'm on a roll with updating this blog. Today, I thought I'd share a few pictures of our home away from home, or family's shared cabin in the Adirondacks.

The front porch is THE place to hang out at the cabin, weather permitting. We have coffee out here every morning. I like to sit and read out here with the dogs at my feet and watch my kids drive by on their big boy toys - atvs, dirt bikes, go karts, bicycles - if it has wheels, chances are my kids have had one.
This cabin has been in Billy's family for many years. I enjoy adding some of my touches when we spend time there, but I don't have full creative license so I *try* to hold myself back. I do enjoy how rustic and unrefined it is. Mostly, it is a place to be yourself and be comfortable. We have the best memories with family and friends here for that reason. You get to know each other on a different level when you spend time together in a place like this.
I added a garland of felt fall leaves to the mantel along with a string of lantern lights from the Target Dollar Spot a while back. 
Billy and I made some changes to the very basic kitchen a few years back to make it a bit more functional. I enjoy cooking so I wanted to be able to do so here too. We recently painted the small island red and although it came out brighter than I wanted, I haven't taken the time to repaint it yet.
You might recognize our old dining room chairs and chandelier - we moved them up here when we were ready for a change. We spend a lot of time eating, playing games and laughing around this old pine table. Around this table with my people? My very favorite place on the planet.
I forgot to take pictures of the living room this time, but here's a picture I sent home to my son who was missing Dax.
Of course we spend a great deal of time in the trails just outside the house.
I always love the color surrounding the cabin just behind us in the fall.
We visited the general store on the other side of the lake to check out the foliage in that area. Unfortunately, the store was closed but that meant I could take a few pictures of the front.
I love the community feel of this area. We rented lake houses in Adirondack for a couple of summers and my son loved riding his bike to this store each morning.
There is a small lending library just outside the store - always a reliable indicator of a friendly place to me.
This is one of my favorite views. We visit it pretty much everyday we are in Schroon Lake and it is always different.
This road, Loch Muller Road, is always a favorite in the fall.
I always stop to photograph the bending birch trees.
 Finally, a peek at the beach in downtown Schroon.
Looking at these pictures is making me anxious to get back up there! Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Oh my, such a gorgeous place. I would love your cabin and want to be there all the time.

  2. Such a beautiful area, the cabin is so cozy and inviting. I always enjoy your posts and I’m loving that you’re posting more. I’m anxiously awaiting your Christmas tour, it’s always my favorite.

    1. I'm hard at work on my Christmas decor in my head, Kathleen! Can't wait to start decorating in a few weeks. Thanks so much!

  3. Oh Courtney I am swooning. What a gorgeous place to spend any time. It is soooooo beautiful. I would never want to leave. The trees there are so gorgeous with the colors. Dax is adorable as always and I bet he loves to walk and investigate the trails. Just looking at the pics lowered my blood pressure and gave me a sense of comfort so I can only imagine how wonderful it is to really be there. Happy New Week. xoxo

    1. Thanks Kris! You're right, Dax LOVES it at the cabin. Have a great week!

  4. You are so blessed to have a gorgeous retreat from the outside world! I, too, would be up there as much as possible! I love your red touches as they pop with all the other colors. Can't wait for your Christmas photos & the warm & fuzzy vibes they bring.

  5. How beautiful.....Thanks so much for sharing.... My fav time of the year!!