January 29, 2019

Winter Decor

Hello! I am emerging back into the world after a bout of the flu that passed through 3 out of 5 of us in the last couple of weeks. The shift in perspective always amazes me when illness strikes. It causes me to take pause and be thankful for my family's health in a new way, if only for a short time. I never want to take it for granted and, as horrible as it is being sick, I am grateful for the reminder.
I have been adding some cozy layers to our home for winter. I spent countless hours on the sectional in our family room. As soon as I was well enough, I took all the slipcovers off and gave them a good washing. I remain a huge fan of slipcovered furniture for that very reason.
I spent a lot of time with Netflix while I was sick. Have you seen "The Staircase"? I think it's been out for a while, but I watched the whole thing over the course of a couple of days and I am still left wondering if he did it. If you've seen it, what do you think? I also read a couple of books. I loved One Day in December and I am currently finishing Kitchen Yarns. There's nothing quite like a warm fire and a good book in January.
We are considering a new project for a long wall in our family room. I spend way too much time perusing home tours on Zillow of charming New England homes. One of the elements that many of those homes have is bookshelves, lots and lots of bookshelves. I always think that homes filled with shelves of books house the most interesting people, don't you? 
I tried a new arrangement for the furniture in our family room after the holidays and I dare say it is my favorite yet. The corner fireplace can be tricky, but I angled the sectional towards the fireplace with our Pottery Barn console behind, and it added instant coziness for the winter.
One more change I am considering is retiring the big wall unit that currently houses our tv. For now, it's separated from the bookshelf pieces, but I am on the hunt for a new piece to put the television on. I'm hoping to find some sort of interesting piece - maybe a card catalog or apothecary cabinet? - so I am not rushing into it.
Do you have any home projects planned for the new year?


  1. I always love seeing a new post from you and I am glad you are feeling better. They actually closed a local school for a few days because of the flu. Now I feel like a ticking time bomb! Also, I love your updates and ideas. You truly have one of the coziest homes around! I am happy to hear you liked One Day in December. I read that one recently and loved it too! Enjoy the rest of your week...I think we are getting some wintery weather this afternoon...

  2. I felt the same way about The Staircase, undecided. He's a strange guy.
    I love your house in every season!

  3. I love the way you angled the space, Courtney! It is so cozy! It must have been a comforting space to recuperate from the flu! Hope you are all feeling better now!
    And yes...I have projects for the new year...way too many of them lol.

  4. Hi Courtney. I am so sorry you were sick but glad you are feeling better. We have 50 below temps today and tomorrow so I would love to have your sweet family room and fireplace to stay warm and cozy. Nothing living should be outside for any reason right now with these temps. Poor little Buddy runs out and does his thing and just in that short seconds he is lifting his paws from how cold it is. Oh how I need Spring and Summer. Even for us peeps that are use to winter this is totally too harsh. Off to get under the duvet with Buddy to stay warm.

  5. Your room looks wonderful! We have a corner fireplace too and I might give your furniture placement a try.

  6. So glad you are all feeling better! Your room looks so warm, cozy and inviting!

  7. OMG my book club just finished and reviewed One Day in December for our January read! I couldn't put it down! Love your style. Your home looks so warm and inviting.

  8. Your family room is the coziest, Courtney!! Sorry you were all sick, that's a bummer for sure. My big project for this year is redoing the family room downstairs after last week's flood - wahhhhhhh!!!!