November 14, 2017

Favorite Things 2017

Hello friends! Today I am excited to be joining Melissa from 320 Sycamore for her annual Favorite Things bloghop. I always enjoy reading these posts from other bloggers but this is my very first time putting one together myself. I hope you enjoy it and maybe get an idea for a gift - for someone special on your list or even yourself!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links.

Favorite Kitchen Tool:

Le Creuset Buffet Casserole with Glass Lid
I originally bought this right before last Christmas to use to serve a potato hash for our Christmas brunch. But I have consistently used this buffet casserole/pot several times a week throughout the entire year. It is so versatile because it goes from stove top to oven to table. The glass lid is even oven safe to 400 degrees. I love this pot so much that I am adding it to my Christmas list for this year in another color. The hardest part is choosing a color!

Find the pot HERE


Favorite Bath Item:

Taking a bath each evening is something I especially enjoy at this time of year when the days are so chilly. I like to read in the tub and this stainless steel rack holds both my book (or iPad) and soap. I even light a candle that I keep on the tray. Aaaahhh...relaxation. Is it bath time yet?

Find the bath tray HERE

Favorite Clothing:

L.L. Bean Cozy Pullover
I love a comfy sweatshirt and this L.L. Bean sweatshirt is the coziest. It isn't oversized and sloppy like may sweatshirts can be, so I feel put together when I wear it. I especially love the collar and the length. It is long enough to comfortably wear with leggings. Add a pair of Ugg boots with a vest and this is my winter uniform. A big bonus - it's on sale this week! I have the Spruce Green.

Find the pullover HERE

Favorite Snack:

Hanging by the fire with my guys is my favorite pastime at this time of year. Add a good cup of coffee and a couple of cookies and I am a happy lady.The warm and cozy mug is a recent find from Target. My husband gave me a package of these socks for Christmas last year and they fast became my go-to socks. Cookie of choice this time of year? Pepperidge Farms Peppermint Milano slices. Have you tried them? Yum!

Find the mug HERE, socks HERE

Favorite Beauty Items:

I read a few glowing recommendations for this very affordable mascara before I bought it a couple of months ago and just had to try it out. It is now my go-to mascara everyday. It makes my lashes thick and defined and comes off easily with makeup remover wipes in the evening. 

Curling Iron - Babyliss Pro 1 1/2 inch
I have been using this large curling iron for most of this year and I love the casual waves adds to my long hair. It heats up quickly and has a heat setting so you don't damage your hair.

Favorite Book:

My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl
I enjoy reading both memoirs and cookbooks and when you add the two together, I am a happy reader. This book follows Ruth Reichl, the former editor of Gourmet magazine, through an uncertain year in her life after losing her job. Her descriptions of food and stories, together with fabulous recipes, have made this a cookbook I reach for over and over.

Find this book HERE

Favorite Pet Item:

Dog Collar - RC Pets 1 1/2 inch All Webbing Collar
Of course I had to include a pet item in my favorite's list! It's probably not surprising that I enjoy changing my dog's collars with the seasons. Dax's current buffalo plaid collar is my favorite collar ever. It is a red plaid with a deer motif and I love that it is wide enough to be seen - even with all of that Golden Retriever fur. Dax is wearing a size Large in Urban Woodsman. So many cute patterns to choose from!


Next stop on the tour is Katie at Little House of Four. I can't wait to see what her favorite things are. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you got an idea or two. I am busy decorating our home for Christmas and am looking forward to sharing that soon!


  1. That's funny, we love all the same things! Right down to our reading and our dogs! I am going to slip over to Amazon for that dog collar. How cute to change them out for the season. Enjoyed the post Courtney ! By the way, have you tried the corn pudding in Ruth Reichl book? Yum! OH and LL Bean has 25% off everything, ends today!

    Chris in W Tx

  2. Hello Courtney! I loved seeing these favorites, many are new to me!! The mug is the cutest and the pullover looks so cozy, especially by your fire. ♥ Thanks for sharing these

  3. Love all your fave things Courtney. I am checking out that dog collar for little Peggy for a Christmas gift. Too cute. Have a great day.

  4. Love reading about your favorites Courtney. I need to look into those collars. So cute!

  5. Cute collar! Rosie will have to add one to her list. Love those Milanos and I will have to try the mascara. Mine is just ok so I would be open to trying a new one! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Shelley,
      That mascara is the best! Definitely worth a try next time you need some. Rosie would look great in that collar. I like how wide it is. That way you can still see a peek of it even with all of that beautiful golden fur.

  6. I also have a golden who would enjoy a fancy winter collar. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us, Courtney! Christy

  7. I'm so happy to have found your blog through Favorite Things. Lots of great ideas here! Your home is beautiful. When we lived in England for a few years, a hot bath in the evening was the only way I could warm up and fight the chill. Now that we're back in Houston, I still enjoy them although it's not very cold here. Beautiful dogs too! Looking forward to following along on your blog. I also was a teacher until I had my oldest 15 years ago. And we have 2 dogs. :)

  8. Love those socks.... and that cup !!! Sure do hope Target still has some!!! thank you for sharing!!!!!

  9. We are 2 peas in a pod, Courtney! I have the casserole, which I use to make a lot of foods that don't need something larger. I love le Creuset, My hubby has gifted me with many pieces.

    I've been looking for a tub rack and all have been so expensive. Going to check out your link.

    And the Ruth Reichl book is on my shelf - love it!

    Loved seeing the pic of Dax. He's so beautiful!

    Happy Holidays!



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