August 26, 2015

Pond House

Way back in the beginning of the summer, we rented a cabin on a private pond in the Adirondacks.  We were excited for a week of kayaking, fishing, and relaxing by the pond.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and we ended up with a cold and rainy week.  There was a long (3/4 mile) VERY rough driveway to get to the house.  Think lots of mud, and winding steep ups and downs through the woods.  
There was a large open porch overlooking the pond.  We ate breakfast out there on the one morning that the sun popped out.
The house itself was so incredibly charming, lovingly decorated by the owners with antiques.  I think the kitchen was my favorite place in the house.
Every moment that we could, we went outside to enjoy the pond and the quiet.  The dock was my favorite place to be.
The boat house contained a few boats to play with.  We used them all.
Matthew loved the kayak most of all.
There was a loon to keep us company.  And lots of noisy frogs.  We heard them all night long.
The dogs swam everyday despite the weather.
We all enjoyed the canoe, row boat & kayaks.
We did enjoy one beautiful sunset before the rain returned.  
Overall, anytime spent in the mountains is a good week.  We returned home to a very tough summer so I am grateful we had this time together.


  1. Amazing... looks so peaceful and relaxing!!! The picture of your son and the "Fur Baby" :) is precious!!!!! I am in love with that porch!!!! Thanks for sharing... Hoping your Mom is better ... :)

    1. The porch was my favorite part of the house too. My mom is a little better each day..thanks for asking :)

  2. Courtney,
    This is a very charming and sweet place to have a vacation. I loved all the pictures of you guys having a great time there. Tooo sweet!!! Glad you could have a nice break and have some time of fun with the boys.
    Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Such a beautiful place for a vacation! Seems calming and relaxing in the photos so I'm sure its even more being there!

  4. Oh, Courtney, I am in freaking envy over here. What a beautiful and serene place. The cabin could be my forever home as far as I'm concerned. Even in the rain it had to be gorgeous. What a spot to sit and dream, I can see why the deck was your most favorite. Looks like kids and dogs had a wonderful time. A family vacation that you all will never forget..Happy Wednesday..Judy P.S. I've pinned it so I can go back and dream anytime I want!!

  5. Looks like a really beautiful place to relax, and I love your beautiful dogs.

  6. You hit the jackpot with such a charming rental---your photos aren't too shabby either! :) In spite of the rain it looks like your guys and pups had a great time. If you go back again next summer I wish you lots of sunshine!

    Sending good wishes and prayers to you and your family. Hoping things are better-

    Jane x

  7. So beautiful there...charming cabin and wonderful scenery! I'm glad your family had that special time together...