October 14, 2014

Easy & Affordable Boy's Bedroom

Boys bedroom with gallery wall and Ikea
Earlier this year, my youngest and middle boy decided that they no longer wanted to share a bedroom.  They each wanted their OWN room.  That day.  They had made the choice to share a room a couple of years prior but the honeymoon was over, as sometimes happens with brothers.  I had been planning on claiming this extra bedroom as my space.  I had a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to my new super organized home office.  So this is not one of those well planned out spaces in our home.  This was more of a load up the whole truck with Ikea furniture because that's what fits the budget type of room.  But my boy is thrilled with his space and that is really all that matters.

DIY Home Depot carpet squares installation in boys
When we ripped up the old and stained carpet, the hardwood was not in great shape.  Our boy wanted carpet anyway, so we purchased these carpet squares from  They were affordable and I wanted the option to replace a square if necessary.  Nine year old boys are notorious for spills and science experiments gone wrong.  Oh wait, maybe that is just my boys?  
DIY Home Depot carpet squares installation in boys
We were happy with the carpet.  It isn't the plushest, but it is perfect for its purpose here.
Cabin themed boys bedroom with Target
We purchased the bed at Ikea.  The quilt has been around our house for a while but that was from Target.  The cabin-ish theme can be changed out very easily as he turns into a preteen, which seemingly happens overnight as we have learned from our 2 older boys.  He has added many things to his gallery wall since I took this picture.  
Ikea desk and chair in boy's
The desk top was $2 in the Ikea "as is" section.  Do you usually hit up that department?  Might be my favorite spot in the store!  The desk top has a hole in the bottom that can't be seen.  The desk legs and chair are also from Ikea.
Home Depot closet organizer in boy's bedroom-
Over in his closet, we purchased an organizer at Home Depot in an effort to keep things neater.  This room is small and needs as much storage as we could get.
antler coat hook with antler in boys
The dresser is also from Ikea.  It is the Hemnes dresser in black/brown.
Boys bedroom with Ikea Hemnes dresser and bed and desk from
Most importantly, my boys are all happy.  I, however, am still dreaming of that home office :)


  1. The room looks great. As they grow up their styles evolve with them so, good to do inexpensive that still has room to grow.