September 30, 2014

Fall Covered Patio

I added a few fall touches to our covered patio this year.  For some reason, for the past 7 years that we have lived here, we usually just put away our summer stuff, stacked up our firewood, and left this patio empty.  We always decorated the front of our home for fall, but we are really enjoying having this space to hang out in when we walk outside our family room.
Fall decor in covered patio area with mums in a basket and birch logs tied with a leather belt via

 I left the white porch swing up, but swapped the white wicker furniture that is usually here for this brown all weather wicker that we purchased for our pool area this summer.  I added a few mums in baskets and tied a brown leather belt around some birch logs.  Thank you, Pinterest (and the fabulous bloggers whose ideas are shared there), for so many great ideas for fall.
Fall decor in covered patio area with mums in a basket and birch logs tied with a leather belt via

Fall decor with porch swing via
 I added a mum to our olive bucket 'cause Pinterest told me to.  Yeah, and the boots too.

Fall decor with porch swing via

Lanterns and corn stalk as fall decor on covered patio via
 This patio is a favorite napping spot for our two dogs so I am quite sure they are happy with the fall decor too :)
Golden retrievers with mums and fall
 I covered our white wicker side table with an old feed sack to make it a bit more rustic.
Fall decor on covered
 And used a plaid blanket as a tablecloth on our small dining table.

fall decor in covered
We are all set to have lots of fires on those cool fall evenings too.  Our firewood stays nice and dry under the covered patio.
Do you usually decorate your back patio or deck for fall?  I have no idea why I didn't think to do so sooner!


  1. Looks so cozy and inviting! I fall fluffed our screened room too and I am really looking forward to having our first fire in the patio wood stove! Enjoy!!!!


    1. Thanks Gena! A fire in the patio wood stove sounds delightful!

  2. So pretty Courtney but the dog picture is my favorite!