August 3, 2014

Summer Changes in the Living Room

Striped Drapes, lantern light, Ikea hack coffee table in Living
We are at that midway point of summer when I start itching to get some stuff done in the house.  The kids have been home for over a month and their stuff. is. EVERYWHERE.  I start to crave some order in the house.  One recent afternoon, all of the kids were out of the house so I straightened things up and took some idea of a relaxing afternoon.  I think it might have stayed this way for five minutes after they got home :)

Books with antlers and hydrangea with ikat place
I picked up these striped drapes at TJ Maxx recently.  For under $30, they really freshen up the room. I actually am planning on using these in my youngest boy's room, but I thought I would hang them in here for a change of pace for the rest of the summer until we can get the molding done in his room.  
Striped Drapes in Living Room with faux fireplace with stacked
Our Ikea Hack coffee table is holding up remarkably well.  I am always a bit nervous to diy furniture because we are rough on things, but this wax finish is very durable.
DIY Ikea hack coffee
We have been using the galvanized stool I grabbed at Target a few weeks ago (when the home stuff was 70% off) at the desk.
Console table turned desk with Target galvanized

Antler, books, and hydrangea with ampersand throw

Lantern style light in living room with faux fireplace with stacked
We have one more vacation planned and then it will be time to prep for back to school and, my favorite, fall decorating.
HomeGoods Terrarium with books and

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

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  1. Your home is lovely! I am enjoying seeing rooms that are neat and in order...we have been downsizing and purging in prep for a move to a smaller home later this month...I can't wait for days when the house is neat!! Until then, I will enjoy looking at homes like yours!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

    1. Thanks Cheryl! Our rooms are usually not as neat or in order as these pictures might make you think ;)

      Have a great day, Courtney

  2. Your accessories are great! The different touches like the wood in the fireplace, antlers on top of the books , your lovely couch & the rest of the patterns & goods make this room so inviting!!! :)


    1. Thanks so much, Paige. I love the little touches..they are my favorite part of decorating. Have a great day! Courtney

  3. Gorgeous room Courtney! I love those always manage to find such great deals! I know what you mean about the kids' stuff being everywhere! I can't keep up around here and since we are back and forth to the beach all the time, the laundry is piling up too... But it's summer so yay for that!

  4. Courtney....just when I think that your home can't get any prettier.....holy does. I love the refresh in your living room. Very pretty. I know you must get crazy from all the questions....but where did you find your pouf and the chair with the gingham slip cover????

    1. Thanks so much! I dont mind your questions at all!! The gingham chair is the jennylund chair from Ikea and the pouf is from Target a few weeks ago. Hope that helps!