May 29, 2014

Master Bedroom Window Panels

When we finished the molding in our Master Bedroom, I loved the way it looked and didn't want to cover any of it with window panels.  We added some woven wood shades and have lived with it for about 6 months.  I loved the clean lines and uncluttered feel in the room.  However, with the warmer weather arriving, we decided that it was necessary to be able to block more light from the room.  Billy works rotating shifts so he needs to be able to control the light in here when he is sleeping during the day.  Here is the new look:
Lowes Tombolo window curtain panel in DIY master bedroom  -

We purchased the window panels at Lowes.  The style name of the curtain panel by Style Selections is Tombolo and the color is Floral Sky.  We also bought the rod and drapery rings there.  I ended up using the rings so that the panels would be long enough to reach the floor with the rod hung above the molding.
Blue and white floral curtain panels in Master Bedroom -
Lowes Tombolo window curtain panel in DIY master bedroom window seat -
The ends of the drapery rods match the door knob to our Master Bath.  I love little touches like that!
Blue and white floral curtain panels in Master Bedroom -

Pottery Barn quilt in Master Bedroom-
The light still ended up coming through both the shades and panels, so we also ended up adding a light blocking panel to the back of each regular panel.  We also purchased them at Lowes.  They work really well and you can't tell that they are there.
Lowes Tombolo window panel and woven wood shades -
Quite frankly, I liked the way the windows looked better without the panels, but since it is Billy's job that pays the mortgage around here, it is more important that he is well rested.  Yet another case of function over form (like the ceiling fan in this room).
Lowes Tombolo window panel and woven wood shades -
Keeper likes the new curtains, too :)
Golden Retriever on quilt in Master Bedroom -


  1. They look so pretty! I can't believe they are from Lowe's! How come I never find things like that? Your doggie looks precious posing for the camera!

  2. My Bichons' name is Keeper, too!!!!! Love it!!

  3. How did you add the light blocking panels? I couldn't see them behind the other panels. I need drapes SO badly in our master. That has to be a priority in 2015.!!!

    1. We added the light blocking panels simply by clipping them to the back of the printed fabric panels using the clips at the top of the panels that hold them onto the rings. So easy!


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